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February 27 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap

I’m going to try doing these recaps on Sunday evenings from now on, but here’s my first weekly recap post.


Monday – rest
Tuesday – 5 mi after work
Wednesday – 6 mi after work
Thursday – 3.25 mi after work with friends
Friday – rest
Saturday – 3 mi Fun Run at Fleet Feet in the morning
Sunday – 8 mi “long run” in the morning
Total = 25.25 miles

I spent a bit of time this week thinking about how silly an 8 mile “long run” sounded, then being so amazed at how far I’ve come since I started running.  Calling 8 miles comically short is really rather comical on its own.  I also felt bad thinking it, knowing how much of an accomplishment 8 miles would be to so many people.  Obviously we’re all at different fitness levels but I don’t want anyone to think their workouts are insignificant.  So I hope not to put out that vibe.

There certainly have been times other runners’ comments (not TO me, just in passing) have made my own runs seem impossibly, embarrassingly slow.  But I am racing against my own times.  I won’t pretend not to be pleased when I happen to beat other people along the way and even sometimes manage to eke out age group prizes, but the important part is progress and enjoying the process.


Best eat of the week: Chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzel sandwiches.  Recipe to come soon.

Worst eat of the week: the night I had microwaved (fat free turkey) hot dogs with sriracha and Triscuits with melted cheese for dinner.  Okay it was really tasty but not exactly the kind of meal I should be gravitating toward as a “responsible adult” (and yes the quotation marks are necessary there).


No naps to speak of – my days were too busy and my runs were short enough not to require super-early mornings nor drive me into mid-day naps.  At least two nights I fell asleep on the couch while watching shows on my DVR.  Major accomplishment: stopping C.S.I. before falling asleep so I didn’t have to rewind when finishing the episode.


Best drink of the week: prosecco in general.  Some friends had a “Pizza and Prosecco” party where we all brought some bubbly to share, and I had a few different glasses of fizz.  Delicious.


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  1. Steve Hawryluk / Feb 28 2012 9:29 AM

    nice recap. i think the format is genius summarizing everything your blog encompasses. pictures from the TCTC event are on their web site already.

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