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March 01 2012 / Emily

Taper-Paranoia. Taparanoia?

Sometimes I can happily go for days without running.  Perhaps that makes me a bad runner, but sometimes it’s nice to just rest for a while.  But when I WANT to run and I’m not supposed to, when Hal Higdon’s training plan and my friends and the general running consensus is REST… that’s when the jitters start.  When I start to feel little twinges – in the back of my right knee, on my left ankle – and convince myself I might need my leg amputated before Saturday or it just might fall off.  Or on my 4-mile run yesterday when the humidity made me feel like I was working so hard and the pace didn’t reflect it – I start wondering what has happened to my fitness, where did I lose it – wasn’t it just a week ago I was feeling on top of the world?
I’m running a marathon on Saturday, God-and-weather willing.  That means I’m not allowed to run today.  But it was like 75 degrees outside (good grief it’s only March 1), just the most lovely day, and I want/ed to be out there.
I settled for an after-work beer – Blanco Diablo from Big Boss Brewing – at a bar with outdoor seating – Single Brothers – which was a darn good fallback plan.  But it’s weird to be held back when I want to run.  Usually I should be running and I decide not to instead.  This not-running thing is a whole different challenge of self discipline.
So I’m starting March with a Zero Day.  And that’s okay.
Still on track for a 1200 mile year.  February ended with 111 miles.  I was right at 102 in January, so I’m pleased to get a step-up of miles in a shorter month, but February should have held the peak of my marathon training.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some 150-200 mile months if/when I get more dedicated to this whole training thing.  I should have had a 50 mile week mid-month but it faded to a 36 mile week.  Oh life, always getting in the way.
I should probably do some carbo loading in earnest tonight (pasta is boiling as I write) and tomorrow, not that I tend to lack for carbs at other times.  I’m really lucky beer counts.  Also I’m finding out that I’m like a child with a loose tooth when I have a wonky toenail.  I helped my left big toenail make an exit about a month ago, and last night I (wiggle-wiggle-cut-cut) assisted my right big toenail in making its exit as well.  My big toes are rather hideous without their clothes on, poor fellas.
On to dinner, taparanoia and nerves.  Nerves which aren’t calmed by a strange inability for wordpress to recognize I pressed “enter” between paragraphs without having to add a period between three empty lines.


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  1. Deepa / Mar 1 2012 8:50 PM

    Awesome job on the mileage count! That is remarkable – I should add you to my Talented Girls Rules board on Pinterest (not being snarky) Great job!

    • Emily / Mar 2 2012 11:08 AM

      thanks Deepa. 🙂 You can pin a lot of things, but I’m not sure you can pin me!

  2. laurenquartz / Mar 2 2012 7:53 AM

    Nice work taking the night off. 😉 If that ever happens again, I’m always happy to walk with you! That’s usually a good compromise for me when I can’t run but want to be movin’ around outside.

    You’ll rock it tomorrow!!

    • Emily / Mar 2 2012 11:10 AM

      Ultimately, I wasn’t too torn up about enjoying a beer at a picnic table outside Single Bros, but thank you. I might need a walk next week to keep my legs loose after the race. thanks red!!

  3. Dana Custer / Mar 2 2012 11:27 AM

    Em, your blog is hilarious! And kudos on the time off this week- your legs will be rarin’ to go tomorrow! GOOD LUCK!! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about it!


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