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March 04 2012 / Emily

Recap of a race week

I know, two blog posts in such short order.  But I’m due a weekly recap in addition to the race recap.

Check out my “I ran a trail marathon” wounds.  The bruising in the meat of my hand didn’t really photograph well, but you can see the colors nonetheless:

bruises and cuts


Monday – rest
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – 4 mi after work with a friend
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest/eat carbs
Saturday – Umstead Trail Marathon
Sunday – 1.5 mile walk
Total = 31.7 miles

I probably should have done another short run or two during the week but I didn’t manage it.  Not that it would have made a difference in my race performance but just to keep things moving.

Today I feel remarkably okay.  My shoulders and back hurt, but my leg muscles are doing alright.  I’m especially surprised as I realized an hour into my post-marathon drive that I hadn’t stretched at all.  Slow and steady doesn’t win the race, but it does make the next day a bit easier.


Best eat of the week: The hours old Moe’s burrito I got to enjoy at the finish line of the marathon.  It’s hard to know how that could taste so good.

Worst eat of the week: two nights this week I had refried beans with melted cheese and pretzels for dinner.


Undoubtedly the best nap is the nap taken after a long run.  Saturday late afternoon I had just an hour but my nap was perfect.  Got home after 90+ minute drive from the race and just fell face down in bed on top of the covers.  Out like a light.


Best drink of the week: anything in this new glass.  Currently sipping on some chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk, nectar of the gods.


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