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March 11 2012 / Emily

Zero week recap

Well, this week had eating, napping and a little drinking, but no running. (!!)  It started as rest and recovery from the marathon and ended as suffering and recovering from food poisoning.  Forgive me if this post is a bit cynical.


Monday – rest
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – whimper on couch all day
Sunday – rest/celebrate milestones like “eating a piece of bread”
Total = 0 miles

I’m really not sure the last week I’ve been through without running at all.  I feel so lazy, even if I have good excuses for many of the days off (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning I really have no excuses for).  Really need to get my act together this week to keep my mileage up for the 10k on Saturday and my next marathon in late April.  I really considered trying to run today since it was nice out, but I figured I’m undernourished and dehydrated, so it would probably be wiser to rest another day.  Hence the big fat zero for the week.  Ugh.


Best eat of the week: three meals of “Creamed Cous Steamed Cous” with recipe detailed here.

Worst eat of the week: whatever made me sick and unable to eat for 48 hours.


It might barely count as a nap but about 6pm Saturday to 1am Sunday.  I got the courage to take some ibuprofen on an empty stomach around 5:30pm on Saturday and it helped me sleep solidly for the next chunk of time.


Best drink of the week: the Powerade (blue) and Gatorade (orange) stashed in my cupboard that enabled me to have minor caloric intake along with my liquids on Satuday.


So, I packed my lunch to work on Friday, like I often do.  Ate it around 1pm and everything seemed fine.  Ultimately I’m either blaming the bagged spinach or the Granny Smith Apple.  Felt a little queasy around 7:30pm but figured I was just hungry.  Went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner with some friends but started feeling worse once there.  Before the pizza came I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom, then wisely sent myself home, where I continued ridding myself of lunch for the next 5 hours.  Saturday came with an empty stomach but no hunger, along with a fever and massive pounding headache.  Stayed on the couch all day (got to watch the ACC Tournament games though, which were great) going in and out of fitful sleep.  All I took in was a bit of Powerade and Gatorade, and a little water.  Sunday I woke up feeling more settled and tried a slice of bread with jam around noon.  Almost 48 hours after my last food – success!  For a later lunch I managed half a can of soup, and dinner brought the other half-can as well as a popsicle for dessert.

I was very thankful to have that can of soup.  It was the last soup left (besides cream of chicken/mushroom which IMO are just for cooking, not eating alone) because of my “finish the pantry” project.  Per advice from my parents, I might get another can or two to have on hand for this sort of thing.  I don’t think that is cheating.

Obvious cons of the week are the total lack of physical activity and the misery of being sick (and related missing of the entire weekend of fun).  Pros were watching a lot of good basketball, reading an enjoyable book (Hard Row by Margaret Maron) and being reminded that a haven’t-seen-it-lately number on the scale still exists.  Yeah I know, shouldn’t be a positive when it comes from so much vomiting and starvation, but hopefully I’ll still be able to work my way back that direction in a healthy fashion.



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  1. Monica Niska / Mar 12 2012 7:53 AM

    food poisoning is exhausting, especially for an athlete. your body gets so deprived and weak, and it seems to linger longer than necessary! don’t feel bad about taking the rest; you’ll be right back at it soon!

  2. Phyllis Neriah / Mar 12 2012 10:05 PM

    Hope you are feeling better this week and back up running, literally.

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