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March 14 2012 / Emily

beer for dinner

On Tuesday night, I had beer for dinner.

So I blogged already about my sickly weekend.  Sunday I felt better and in response, on Monday I overdid it with the food and made some poor choices for a recovering stomach.  Sorry, fried okra, you are really delicious, but you were a mistake.  This led to me being sick again on Tuesday morning.  Of course.  I had a banana for breakfast, then chicken soup and a dry turkey sandwich for lunch from Panera and that seemed to settle okay, so I set into the rest of my daily routine.

After deciding that running would be unwise with the questionable status of my stomach and digestive tract, I was determined to enjoy the beautiful warm day outside anyway.  Went for a 4+ mile walk with a good friend and we took full advantage of the time change.  I love this time of year.  The daylight seems illicit, like I’m stealing it.

Usually on Tuesday evening, I play trivia at Foothills Brewpub, so after my long walk I figured I’d get dinner there, as there was no time to go home.  But instead we headed to the Old Winston Social Club, a bar which does not serve food but happens to be across the street from Burke Street Pizza (holy links, Batman!), some of the hands down best pizza in town.  Some friends had an extra slice, but I wasn’t sure pizza would be the best choice what with the grease and all.  Then another friend offered a cannoli which was tempting as well, but also deemed too rich.  And so it turned out that I just had beer for dinner.  And that was fine.  It is liquid carbs, for goodness sake.

It was “steal the glass” night, where if you purchased a pint of their special beer, you got to keep the glass.  I was sold!  The beer was New Holland Brewing’s Cabin Fever Brown Ale.  It was quite nice.  Smooth for a darker colored beer, and milder than some other browns I’ve enjoyed.  The brewery seemed to be doing a trip through town as they were also at City Beverage earlier that evening doing a tasting.

Cabin Fever

While I did enjoy the Cabin Fever, a winter seasonal seemed a bit inappropriate for the unseasonably warm week-away-from-spring evening – I mean we were sitting outside.  For my second course I chose the Weyerbacher Verboten, a Belgian-style Pale Ale that looks rather like an unfiltered wheat beer and definitely tastes more like a wheat than a pale ale.   Didn’t photograph that one though.  At the end of the evening, I felt very sneaky walking off with the New Holland pint glass, even though it was encouraged and the whole point of the event.  Something new for my collection!



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  1. laurenquartz / Mar 15 2012 8:51 AM

    Ahem! You are no longer permitted to pass judgement on my lunch on Tuesday. Yogurt, crackers, and fruit make up a meal entirely superior to beer. 😉

    Though I’m sure it was delicious, and I’m glad it didn’t hurt your tummy. 🙂

    • Emily / Mar 15 2012 12:11 PM

      guilty as charged! your bits & pieces lunch was definitely superior to my beer dinner, at least on a nutrition level. 🙂

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