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March 25 2012 / Emily

Back at it Weekly Recap


Monday – 5 miles after work with a friend [crunches]
Tuesday – rest due to storms [arm weights]
Wednesday – 4 miles before work
Thursday – 5 miles after work with a friend [ab & core work]
Friday – rest
Saturday – 18 miles with Steve from Steve’s House of Running
Sunday – rest [arm weights]
Total = 32 miles

I made it clear in the “Discipline” post but I’ll type it again as further reminder to myself.  This upcoming week I will run before work THREE times and do FOUR days of non-running exercise, which I have noted in [brackets] above for the week now ending.  I’ll admit to stopping mid-blog-post to do today’s curls. 🙂

Yesterday’s long run with Steve was great.  While we did have to stop and seek shelter partway though, the periods of rain were otherwise enjoyable.  Always a pleasure to have company.  I have many friends with whom I can run 3-5 miles (and I enjoyed your company on Monday and Thursday, dear friends!), but not many who push well into the double digits with me.  Perhaps I should seek out additional friends who are marathon training.  I am sad that I wasn’t able to run with another friend who was in the area this weekend, but our schedules could not align with the scattered thunderstorms on Saturday, so I had to get my run in earlier that day without her.

On that note, the dailymile blog had a post about running partners earlier this week.  I certainly don’t always need partners or company.  I think I relish the novelty of it as much as the actual company.  I’ve run ten marathons and the bulk of that mileage was tackled by me and me alone.  Smaller races appeal to me in part for the solitude and pure mental strength it takes to push through mile after mile alone.  Okay and maybe for the cheaper entry, friendlier vibe and potential for age group awards.  😉  But there is also something to be said for a commitment to running with someone else getting you out the door when you mightn’t otherwise roll your butt off the couch.  Or perhaps it’s just getting you out of bed and out the door far earlier than you might otherwise.  Yes, Steve, I’m talking to you for our plan to meet at 6am yesterday which meant my alarm beeped at 4:45am.  For me, running is a solitary venture with islands of company to make the sailing smoother.


Best eat of the week: today was a good day for food.  This morning I made pancakes for brunch, then enjoyed quinoa with spinach, tomato and feta for supper.  Delicious!

Worst eat of the week: It might be a cop-out but fortunately I haven’t had much bad food this week.   I’ll have to award my chicken fried rice failure (leftovers) this dubious distinction for the second week.


Undoubtedly the best nap of the week was Saturday afternoon.  Never you mind that it was the only nap of the week, it was brilliant nonetheless.  After my long run, I had some lunch and a shower and settled in with a book for a while until I was drowsy.  I napped for 1.5 hours, woke up and promptly went back to sleep for another 2 hours.  The benefit of early morning runs is certainly seen when I can nap for 3.5 hours midday and still be up and ready for the rest of the day by 4pm.


Drink of the week: the taste is still fresh on my lips so I shall give this to a nice chilled glass of moscato, Flip Flop brand to be specific.



Finally, style is not my strong point, which is why it is certainly not part of my blog on any regular basis!  But I had to laugh and snap a photo when I caught a glimpse of myself on Saturday afternoon.  I was in my comfortable lounging-around-the-apartment skirt and my compression calf sleeves.  I’m still unsure of the actual personal benefits of this calf compression, as my quads are generally the most wrecked after my long runs, but I wear them for recovery after my longer mileage runs anyway, as I don’t think it can do any real harm.

"I just ran 18 miles" couture



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  1. hinsone / Mar 25 2012 9:26 PM

    Hahaha cute skirt/sleeve combo.. love it….

    You know you’re a runner when…………….

    (Nice weekly mileage too!)

  2. laurenquartz / Mar 25 2012 10:06 PM

    Em you are hilarious! Love the fashion piece of the blog… you might need to make it a regular thing! Glad you got to run despite the crazy weather recently. Hope we can get at least one run in together this week!

  3. steve's house of running / Mar 26 2012 9:41 AM

    I’m telling you, running predawn is the jam, although I wouldn’t recommend it everyone. You get some good miles in and then have the whole day ahead of you. Great miles this week getting back into it for the next marathon.

  4. steve's house of running / Mar 26 2012 9:50 AM

    I’m telling you, running predawn is the jam. You get in your miles and have the whole Saturday to eat, nap, and drink (see what I did there). Great miles this week getting back into it for the next marathon.

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