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March 29 2012 / Emily

Not-so-deep thoughts from a solo run

I was pondering a few things while I ran this morning and wanted some feedback.  Actually I think about these things a lot when I run.  I give my answers and thoughts below each poll.  But please – if we don’t agree, I’d still love to see your votes and read your comments!

My answer: I’m a usually-to-always greeter, whether a wave, nod or “hello/good morning” comment.  Though I realize I mostly only do this for other “active” (walkers or runners) people or folks in their own yards – less likely to talk to someone who is waiting for the bus or walking somewhere as a destination rather than exercise.  I can usually judge this by the clothing.

If I am on a loop or out-and-back where I see the same person multiple times, the acknowledgment tends to dwindle to nothing upon repeated passing-by.  That is a scenario I spend too much mental energy contemplating.

And well I should put a rather notable exception… I am very unlikely to greet people I am passing from the same direction (approaching from behind).  I’d venture the vast majority of my nods/waves/greetings are of people I approach face-to-face as we go opposite directions.

Disclaimer: I’m slightly offended when I greet someone and they don’t respond at all.

My answer: I generally go for the sidewalk when available, though in the pre-dawn hours on neighborhood streets when dozens of other walkers and runners are using the road instead, I’m more likely to stray into the road.

My answer: Glowing like a Christmas tree for sure – reflective vest, red blinking light clipped on my rear waistband and Knucklelight as a flashlight/headlight (both for seeing and being seen).  Sometimes I’m pretty sure I look absurd but that’s better than getting hit by a car.

Disclaimer: I silently chastise people running with no visibility gear.  Especially when they wear all black and run in the center of the road.


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  1. laurenquartz / Mar 29 2012 11:42 AM

    Fun polls! Thanks to you I wear reflective gear or a blinky light. 🙂 I said I prefer running in the street, but only to be kinder to my knees and if there is literally no road traffic… Interesting thoughts. I find that fewer people say hi than I’d like as well, though I’m starting to succumb to the lack of communication more than I used to. Thanks for the reminder to be better! A friendly hello is always appreciated. 🙂
    As a note, I also really enjoy waving to fellow cyclists on the road when I’m biking. Isn’t it funny how active people have this random comeraderie?

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