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April 05 2012 / Emily

insert positivity here

As Lent prepares to come to an end with Easter just a few days away, I’ve been reflecting on my effort to give up negativity.  I’ve made strides but certainly haven’t been a beacon of sunshine and rainbows and prancing unicorns throughout these weeks.  At the minimum though, I’ve generally made myself say or think a positive (or neutral) thing in response to saying or thinking something negative or self-destructive.

A blogger from Runner’s World made this post today: “I’m not” and I think you should check it out.  An excerpt:

“Midway through the medicine ball routine, I overheard one of my cute compatriots telling our coach Gilbert that “she wasn’t coordinated.”  Someone else said something about not being strong.  Then another comment about not being fast.

I loved Gilbert’s reply.  “You are not uncoordinated.  The only thing you are not is kind to yourself.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.”  I wish you could hear it in his awesome accent, because it would sound so much more alive than just the type on the screen.”

It made me think.  A valuable result indeed.

This weekend I venture northward a couple states to visit my family in Maryland.  We’re running a 5k on Saturday morning – it’s a first time event and I’m holding out hope it is organized better than one of the last first time events I ran.  2011’s “Ben’s Run 5k” was run in early April last year in Silver Spring, MD.  It raised $33,000 for the Children’s National Medical Center, so the cause was worthy and that’s the important part… but it was also supposed to be a race.  The unattractive (apologies to the late namesake of the race) t-shirt went right to my “donate” pile, there were no timers on the course or at the finish so there were no results beyond the winners, the finish area was not patrolled so people strayed across the course preventing some further-back runners from going strong to the finish, the cups on the course were ~24 oz styrofoam… Just a rather rough race.  I wish the Ben’s Run coordinators better luck in their sophomore staging of the race later this month.  Their website shows they are having electronic timing this year so that’s a big stride forward.

And back to this weekend, I’ll just put it out there… the idea of a (presumably) small, first time race puts pipe dreams of placing in the overall women, not just the age group.  Quite likely to be a ridiculous thought, but hey, positivity, right?


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  1. hinsone / Apr 6 2012 12:19 AM

    What? Your training hasn’t been all sparkles and weight loss unicorns?? Oh.. neither has mine… (wait till my weekly recap for this week, it will be a doozie).

    Good luck with the race, I hope it’s well organized and good luck on placing!

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