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April 09 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: over-tapering

A day late, a buck short, I’m writing the report, on losing, and failing, when I move, I’m flailing now.
-Blink 182 “Dammit” [note: not a lot of losing or failing]


Monday – [exercise: kickball game]
Tuesday – 5 miles after work with a friend
Wednesday – 5 miles before work
Thursday – rest
Friday – [yard work]
Saturday – 5k race [core, arms]
Sunday – rest
Total = 13.1 miles

Well.  Not a very strong showing.  Just a halfer on the entire week.  Can I count the 780 miles I drove in my mileage total?  I went to Maryland to visit my family for Easter.  We all did a 5k together.  A full race report will be coming soon, but it was a good race.  I got a new PR and won my age group.  Now pretend you’re surprised when you read that later!  😉

But I guess I’ll chalk this week up to a bit of laziness that I’ll call over-tapering, to make myself feel better.  I’ll need to get some more miles in this week to keep my legs moving.  I’m not sure I really have an excuse… was it weather?  I can’t even recall.  I worked late a couple nights and spent a lot of time in the car.


Best Eat of the Week: Pre-Easter supper with my family on Saturday night: roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed green beans and stewed tomatoes.  Yum!  I rarely eat meat & vegetable plated dinners… most of what I make is ultimately eaten with a spoon and in a bowl.  I said it was great, and they said I should blog about it!

Oh then dessert was pound cake with strawberries and ice cream and whipped cream.  REAL ice cream… so decadent.  I truly enjoy my fat free frozen yogurt and have convinced myself I like it just fine, but eating real full-fat ice cream reminds me that there IS a difference.  Also this kind of thing is why I inevitably gain weight every time I visit my parents even just for a couple days.  Sheer lack of willpower when presented with a smorgasbord of foods I never keep in my own place.

Worst Eat of the Week: It was actually tasty, but for my road trip dinner on Sunday, I had a large bag of Chex Mix, a mini-Twix from my Easter basket, Diet Mtn Dew and some gummy bears.  Not healthy or well-rounded.


Mid-afternoon Saturday for about 90 minutes.  It was a very successful nap as I was able to stay up until like 3:30am that night/next morning.


Drink of the week goes to quantity as well as quality… Black Box Sauvignon Blanc.  My sister and I stayed up late on Saturday night drinking this boxed wine out of Nutella jars* and eating popcorn.  We were up until after 3:00am watching “Date Night” in chunks.  Somehow it took us about 4.5 hours to watch the 88 minute movie, because we kept pausing and chatting… and chatting… and while it’s stopped, I’d get us some more wine.  I am a little nervous to know how much of a dent we made in that box of wine!  I’d never had the brand before, and really think I haven’t had boxed wine since Franzia in college, but it was surprisingly good.  I recommend it if you ever need wine in quantity.

*not normal Nutella jars, some collectors version that look like juice glasses that my sister got when she studied abroad in Scotland.  My mom asked us not to use the stemmed wine glasses as she didn’t feel like hand-washing them, and instead of just volunteering to wash them ourselves, we said we would get them some stemless glasses and drink from tumblers for now.

plenty of vino!


box wine from nutella jars... so classy


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