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April 15 2012 / Emily

Race Report: Crib Crawl 5k

Well, it’s more than a week after the race and I am finally getting around to blogging my race report.  I had a good run but just have not been motivated to write up the report.  I guess my big Garmin post earlier in the week really wore out my blogging skills!

On April 7, I ran the inaugural Crib Crawl 5k in Frederick, MD.   I’d previously expressed a little concern about the small, first time event, but it went pretty smoothly.

Frederick is about an hour from my parent’s house.  In an interesting turn of events, much of the course turned out to overlap with a 5k the whole family did in November 2010, so I happened to be moderately familiar with the course – unlikely for a race 7+ hours from my current home and 1 hour from my hometown!

I had grand plans of placing in the top overall females, and at first glance I thought I might have a chance.  There were many stroller-pushers and people who just looked a bit slower, though in the past I have been thoroughly smoked by people who I thought “looked slow” so I should know better than thinking that way.  It was a windy morning and I made a last minute decision to go with just a long sleeve shirt, as opposed to my other options of short sleeves or layered long over short.  Wasn’t long before the sleeves were pushed up, but I think it was the right choice nonetheless.

The wind at the starting area was blowing a large balloon arch around, down into the runners.  I was concerned someone might get knocked over, but fortunately it never gusted that hard and the race was able to begin with only minimal obstruction.

the unwieldy balloon arch, moved to this field post-race

From the start, I pushed off farther up in the pack than ever before, and was able to maintain and gain position.  The runners thinned out and most of the time I could only see one or two other runners ahead.  A trio of young tweenage boys, probably somewhere between age 10-13, had been part of the initial surge but they slowed before long.  It seems there are always some of those kids who just sprint for a while – they either end up winning it all or burning out way too fast.  The race started at a neighborhood park, went past a lake, down a paved greenway, through a neighborhood (with speedbumps), through a high school parking lot and back by the lake to the finish line next to the park.  It was quiet and pretty.

At one point, I couldn’t see any other runners and became unsure of the course, but it was right at an aid station, so a volunteer was able to direct me the correct way.  I thought I’d seen three women ahead of me at the start of the race, and soon I was able to see one woman ahead.  I was running hard and hoping to catch her and secure third place overall female, but I did not have the kick at the end, nor did I want to over-push with the marathon just a couple weeks away.  It turns out there were four women ahead, so I wouldn’t have placed in the top three anyway, which was actually kind of a relief.

I crossed the line at 24:20, which is a 24 second PR.  Second 5k this year, second PR.  I hope the trend of 5k Personal Best + marathon personal worst 2 weeks later does not continue, but given the difficulty of this upcoming marathon, I wouldn’t be surprised.  I was the 22nd finisher (out of 138) and 5th woman.  First place female (21:26) was in my age group, but since she won overall, I received first place in the females 14-29 age group.  A rather strange age bracket, don’t you think?

age group winner!

My family and I have done a handful of races together, and it is always nice to be out there being active together (though we run and walk separately).  Now that I live in North Carolina and my sister lives in Pennsylvania, it’s a special treat to get the whole – albeit small – family together, and I think it helps motivate my parents to continue being active when there is a race on the horizon.  Well, this is the case for many of us, but moreso my folks aren’t as likely to sign up for 5ks on their own, so they benefit from the push my sister and I provide when we schedule races.

active family = happy family

I’d like to applaud the organizers of the Crib Crawl 5k for putting on a successful race.  It was mostly well marked, fair in terrain, nice to run, and just a lovely day.  The awards were a little disorganized – they first gave the women’s overall prize to the second place lady, and had a bit of trouble reading the results sheets, but that’s a growing process.  I suspected this from the beginning, but it seems they ordered the shirts ahead of time, as registration advertised “shirts for the first 100 registered runners” and only gave the choices of large or extra large.  By the time we arrived, the larges were gone so I got an XL shirt, which has been put directly in my donation bin.  There was a nice selection of door prizes and a few vendors with tents set up in a mini-expo.  Even a masseuse, which I did not utilize, but is not exactly common for such a small event.



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  1. hinsone / Apr 15 2012 8:54 PM

    Sounds like a fantastic race, and congrats again for the 1st place award and 5th overall female! That is an unusual age group. Were the ones above that also 25 yrs or did it jump to 10 at that point like 30-39, 40-49 etc etc…? Great job once again!

    • Emily / Apr 16 2012 12:37 PM

      thank you! the age groups were 13 & under, 14-29, 30-44, 44-59, 60+.


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