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April 23 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: another marathon week gone by


Monday – 4 miles before work with a friend [exercise: kickball game]
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 4 miles after work – shake out run
Friday – rest
Saturday – 26.2 miles – Blue Ridge Marathon
Sunday – rest
Total = 34.2 miles


Best Eat of the Week: Got to say the post-marathon roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans and then the pudding/whipped cream/graham cracker/chocolate dessert.  Really hit the spot after the race!

Worst Eat of the Week: Bojangles on Sunday morning, purely for the guilt factor.  I had a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit and a Boberry biscuit.  They were absolutely delicious.  I’d have gotten some Botato Rounds too, but that was going to be a 5 minute wait and that somehow seemed like too much for the drive-thru window.  It was after noon and I was impatient.  🙂


I actually did not have a nap this week.  After the race I stretched out, showered, ate, but while everyone else was napping or thinking about getting naps started, I realized I needed to get my bootay out of Roanoke and back to Winston before I fell asleep.  So a Diet Mountain Dew was my fuel and I kept going all night, partying back in Winston until midnight.  I am rather astonished with myself for making it that long on just one Diet Dew.


In a twist, this week’s Drink of the Week award is not a beverage for me… instead it is one for my car.  Along the route to/from Roanoke I passed through Ridgeway, VA on Hwy 220.  I don’t know how or why the gas was this cheap but it was.

Only $3.56!!

I think it’s sort of sad that $3.56 is so cheap to me, but when it’s $3.86 around the corner from home and even at $3.89 in Roanoke, this was photo-worthy cheap.  It was really marked $3.59 but with my Sheetz Card, it’s 3¢ off per gallon.  WIN.


Well it’s a couple days after the race and my legs are quite sore.  I went to polish my apple on the leg of my pants at lunch today and OUCH – I had forgotten my quads are sore to the touch!  I’m still needing to walk down the stairs sideways, with plenty of weight on the railing, but I wore heels and navigated the office successfully today, so it’s all good.

I’ll admit that my better than expected performance on Saturday is really making me consider finding an easier marathon soon to see what I can do now, instead of waiting until fall to tackle 26.2 again.  This is the funny thing about marathons – if you have a good day, immediately you want to do it again SOON.  If you have a bad day, within a couple days you want to do it again SOON.  Either way, most of us are hooked.



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  1. hinsone / Apr 23 2012 8:39 PM

    Nice, sounds like a successful week! I was just talking today with a friend of mine when I was in High School gas was 98 cents a gallon.. aaaah the good old days. *sigh* Congrats again on a great week and a great race! Do you have a Stick? I just got one and I highly recommend it.

    • Emily / Apr 24 2012 9:35 AM

      I remember gas being under a buck, though I think it was more in the $1.60 range when I started driving. Crazy how much it has gone up. I do have a Stick. Quite the torture device.

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