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April 30 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: recovery week


Monday – [exercise: kickball game]
Tuesday – [weights: biceps, shrugs, triceps]
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – rest
Friday – 3 miles in morning
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 2x 2 miles walk = 4 miles (on the beach in Isle of Palms, SC)
Total = 7 miles

Lowest week in a long while.  I was on vacation for a long weekend so I just embraced the relaxed beach culture.  My legs felt great on Friday’s run, so I would have been fine to get out there, and I brought running gear with me, but late nights + plentiful margaritas and champagne + hot days = no runs.  I just didn’t feel like going out onto unshaded paths in the heat of the sun with temps in the mid-80s.


Best Eat of the Week: a fantastic meal Saturday night at Cypress in Charleston, SC.  My group got the absurd flavor combo of three separate appetizers: fried cheese curds, chili dogs… and raw oysters.  My first raw oyster – so good!  Then my entree was grilled pork chop, fried mac & cheese and collard greens.  So basic, yet so delicious.  I did feel a little silly ordering such a lowbrow dish in a fancy restaurant, but it was on the menu and it was fantastic.  I also tried bites from other delicious dishes: red snapper, phyllo-wrapped salmon, and perhaps something else too.  Add a couple glasses of nice syrah and I was happy as could be.  No room for dessert.  Of course my group (bachelorette party) moved along to a bar that served alcoholic slushie drinks next, so I think that counts for dessert.

Worst Eat of the Week: n/a


I did not have a nap this week either.  Amazingly so, what with all the sun, hot tub, laying on the beach, lounging in the hammock… no time for naps.  Isle of Palms, SC is a great place for a laid back weekend!


Champagne + St. Germain.  Just a splash of the St. Germain with the champagne – so nice! I probably used one average glass of champagne with about 3/4 oz of the liqueur.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an elderflower liqueur.  We were super classy with $4.99 Trader Joe’s champagne.

Alternately, a margarita recipe I just learned:

1 can frozen limeade concentrate.
1 can water (use limeade can)
1 light beer
1 can tequila (again, use limeade can)

Serve in salt-rimmed glass over ice.  Well, I love salted margaritas, so that’s my choice.  I used Corona for the beer and Hornitos Plata for the tequila.  Don’t remember the limeade brand.


Ready to get back to it after a relaxed, lazy week/end!



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  1. hinsone / May 1 2012 6:36 AM

    Sounds like a fun recovery week, glad you had fun! You earned it!

  2. laurenquartz / May 1 2012 8:15 AM

    sounds awesome! glad you enjoyed the pricey restaurant. Definitely a well deserved break after your amazing marathon the weekend before! Can’t wait to see you and see pictures of the ‘ette.

  3. Darrel Wells / May 1 2012 9:02 AM

    Nice, Emily…. I think I’d need a recovery from your recovery weekend!

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