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May 01 2012 / Emily

May Day Odds and Ends

I’ve been meaning to mention a funny little story my friend Humberto told me as we were heading up to Roanoke the other week for the Blue Ridge Marathon.  It was during one of his early races, possibly his first marathon?, and he had prepared for the seemingly ever-present risk of chafing with some strategically placed band aids.  From what I see and hear, fairly typical for men.  And goodness, I have seen some horrendously ugly looking bloody nipple trails, especially in rainy races.  But partway into the race, one of the bandaids fell off.  He started having some concerns and decided to take matters into his own hands… he took the Gu gel pack he was carrying and applied it to his chest, then stuck his shirt down.  He said it was super sticky, but better than chafing!

Well, he told the story better than I did, but I hope you can also appreciate the humor.  I’m so thankful for sports bras and the support and compression they provide in order to reduce/remove chafing risks!


This morning’s run brought me to 409 miles for the year.  Still on track for my goal of 1200 miles in 2012.  Of course today is May 1, so without today’s 5 miles, the 4-month total was 404.  January: 102, February: 111+, March: 116+, April: 74.  So, April was a bad, low month.  I’ve got to get back into a routine this week and recover in May.  It didn’t help me to have my 20 mile run for the Blue Ridge Marathon on March 31, then just taper, the marathon, and recovery.  Would a better runner have run more during taper?  Absolutely.  But I am who I am, and I take days off.  Maybe if I can actually find some discipline at some point in the future, I can achieve better times.


I got some photo proofs from the Blue Ridge Marathon:

our strides are so in sync!

crossing the finish line with my friends!

Not sure they will be photos I purchase, but I’m glad to have the pixelated proofs for my own memories.  I still wish the marathon or photo company had put photographers in a few other key places on the course: the top of Roanoke Mountain and by the Mill Mountain Star.  I could see those being worth buying.

I find photos of myself running in cool places are worth having.  Below is a photo from the Estes Park Half Marathon in 2009.  It was just my second half marathon and the photo isn’t exactly the best of me (squinty!) but the backdrop of the Rockies was phenomenal enough that I had to purchase the photo.  The lowest point of the Estes Park course was 7420 feet above sea level – so that elevation was a challenge of itself!  I had to applaud the race photographers for setting up in that place specifically – they knew it was great scenery.

So yeah – just a piece of advice for race photographers – where there is amazing scenery, take advantage.  I even carried a waterproof disposable camera for Estes Park so I could take photos along the way (I saw elk!!) but I couldn’t take this quality of photo of myself.

Estes Park Half Marathon 2009


Here’s one I took during that 2009 race – there were elk in the photo, but it was blurry and I was moving and they were far away.  They ran right across the course, in front of those folks in front of me.  We had been warned about that sort of thing!!

Estes Park Half Marathon


End note: I hope running can give you the kind of travel and adventure it has brought me! 🙂



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  1. hinsone / May 1 2012 9:06 PM

    Sounds like an incredible month! And I love that pic from the rockies! AWESOME! I haven’t bought any pics from New Orleans (and probably won’t).

  2. trailrunningchick / May 9 2012 11:43 AM

    I agree on the marathon pictures. I saw photographers in so many other parts of the course. I wonder where those pictures are. I like a finish line photo but one at the star would have been great, or Roanoke Mountain. I guess it’s something they need to improve on.

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