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May 09 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Spectating a Triathlon


Monday – [exercise: kickball game]
Tuesday – 5 morning miles with a friend
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 5 morning miles with a friend; 3.75 mile evening walk with friends
Friday – 2.5 mile walk with friends
Saturday – rest
Sunday – rest
Total = 16.25 miles

Another bad week.  Getting back on track this week though.  I’ll pretend my diligent running is what prevented me from posting my weekly recap until many days later… I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath for my post.

Both my activity level and my diet really suffered from my horrible tendency to let things that are getting out of hand, get more out of hand.  I don’t know if that makes sense… basically I’m like “well, already ate poorly today – I guess I’ll just keep eating poorly since the day is ruined;” or “well I only ran a couple days this week, running now would just be pointless.”  Sometimes it’s just so challenging to remember that every little bit counts.  Even if I only have time for 3 miles when I was planning 10 miles… better to do three than zero.

And I’ll totally admit half of the “don’t bother with shorter runs” thing is from the annoyance of having to shower afterwards.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shower, but my mind gets convoluted.  Like I’ll shower in the morning and I’m having a good hair day, so I don’t want to run after work and mess up the hair – just in case someone wants to do something that evening!  Or especially if I know I have plans at 9pm.  My plans are with piles of platonic friends who don’t care how nasty my hair looks.  I will not be meeting eligible bachelors during trivia, it’s just not going to happen, so I really shouldn’t fret about a gross ponytail ruining my chances for happily ever after.  Yes, these are the trains of thought that fly through my mind when I’m deciding whether to run or not.


Best Eat of the Week: S’mores around the campfire on Saturday night.  Can’t get much better than that.

Worst Eat of the Week: all the snacking in the car on the drive to/from White Lake (more on that trip shortly).  My friend and I had Chex Mix, Combos, Skittles, sour watermelon gummies and gummy bears… and probably a stomachache.


Got some rest in the car on Sunday afternoon as my friend drove us back toward Winston-Salem.  I always feel tremendous guilt over falling asleep when I should be keeping a driver company, so it was a guilt-ridden nap, but a refreshing one nonetheless.


Margaritas!  Another batch of the recipe I mentioned last week, this time made with Sauza tequila and Landshark Lager.  Shared a pitcher with friends before walking to the Gallery Hop.


On Sunday I spectated a race.  It has been quite some time since I watched and did not participate!  Fellow blogger Eric recently posted about the same thing over at Running from the Past.

My good friend Dana did her first triathlon this weekend at the White Lake Sprint Triathlon, and her husband and another friend and I went along to cheer.  Due to two big dogs joining the party, the four of us took two cars the 3+ hours southeast to White Lake.  We drove down on Saturday afternoon and passed through some rather wicked thunderstorms along the way, which was concerning especially considering we would be camping out that evening.  Naturally we snacked along the way (see: worst eat of the week, above).

We went to packet pickup and a pre-race meeting before driving the 10 or so minutes back to our campground.  We got another downpour as we approached the campsite.  I’m pretty sure it is guaranteed to rain every single time I bring my tent out.  But it stopped and we were able to set up camp with no rain, and the ground was majority sand, which soaks up the water much better and without becoming muddy.  The camp stove got going to boil water for a carb-load pasta dinner for our triathlete, and we had a fire going too, when another big rainstorm blew in.  We just stood there and got wet.  Fortunately it only stuck around for 20 or so minutes before blowing through completely.  We were able to keep the fire going, eat our pasta and garlic bread we toasted in foil on the fire, and get to sleep while staying fairly dry.  Pretty lucky!  The sky cleared and we could see stars and the supermoon as we indulged in s’mores and Yuengling.

Sunday was overcast but humid while we headed to the race.  It was an open water swim (750m) so we stood around the lake to see our friend come by.  Triathlons are really fun to watch!  There were people of all ages, sizes and abilities there.  The swim exited and we cheered on Dana as she ran by into the transition zone to get her bike.  We were able to cheer her off there as well, and it was a double-loop bike course (2 x 7 mi loop = 14 mi) so we saw her again.  After the second loop it was back to the transition zone to rack the bike and get running.  The 5k was out and back, so we cheered her off and then headed to the finish line to wait for her arrival.  Being in the finish area is just SO fun.  So many people to cheer for.  It was interesting to see those who had effort left for a big push at the end, and then those who were barely dragging themselves over the line.  Dana did great and we were so pleased to cheer for her and wave our signs as she approached the finish of her first triathlon.

Part of me is tempted to get on my bike again and see if I can re-learn how to ride (or more specifically, learn how to ride on a racing-style bike as compared to just a cruiser), so I can do a tri too.  I was always a fine swimmer so that shouldn’t be an issue, though I’ve never swum in open water.  Obviously I am an experienced runner.  But I think for now, the three of us girls are talking about choosing a team triathlon where we each do one leg.  It’s just a fun atmosphere.

Additionally, I will consider getting out to see more races when they are nearby.  I think the tri was particularly fun because we were by the transition zone, so each triathlete was coming through multiple times, along with the double bike loop.  So unlike a running race where there may be a pack that speeds by and then no more runners for some time/at all, there was always something going on.

We had fun/were in awe guessing how much the value of the combined participants’ equipment would be.  Some people were definitely on $2000+ bicycles, though the average was probably in the $900 range.  With around 700 participants, thinking maybe $1400 worth of stuff average for each person would be almost $1,000,000.  (included: bike, helmet, bike shoes, running shoes, tri suit, watch, sunglasses, goggles).  I could be way off, but even thinking about that was just mind-boggling!



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  1. laurenquartz / May 9 2012 10:43 AM

    Em, I totally have the same thougths about showering. Why do you think I ran in the water the other day before I met you instead of swimming? 😉 Good hair day!

    Loved being at the race with you, even though the over-indulgence in food was probably not the best for either of us. Sorry I can’t join you to run it off this week! Really hope we get a relay together for a tri – I think we’d be a GREAT team!! How fun to cheer for each other on a relay?? Something I know we talked about how neither of us has done since swimteam.

    Thanks for the race recap! You need to make sure Dana reads it too. 🙂

    • Emily / May 11 2012 12:21 PM

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who bases things around showers sometimes. 🙂 It was a really fun weekend of racing/spectating/camping. Can’t wait to work something out for the BRH team tri! And thanks – I’ll send the link on to Dana to be sure she sees it too.

  2. hinsone / May 9 2012 5:02 PM

    Glad you had fun at the race, and you’re right about the miles, every little bit counts.

    Oh, and you might meet some eligible bachelors out on the greenway who don’t care what your hair looks like… ya know.. just saying.

    Thanks for the link! I had fun at my race and sounds like you did too!

    • Emily / May 11 2012 12:33 PM

      The “why bother” feeling with the shorter stuff is definitely one of my biggest running pitfalls. I’ll keep that in mind re: the greenway. Though I’m a disaster area when running.

      • hinsone / May 11 2012 5:13 PM

        Hahah.. well there was one particular bachelor runner I had in mind…… 😉

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