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May 11 2012 / Emily

The Speed of New Shoes

I got new shoes today!

Same as the shoes I am running in currently — Brooks Ravenna 3 — in the other color choice.  I’ll call them black and neon green.  The official colors are Anthracite/Silver/Green Glow/Sunny Lime/White/Black.  Of course.

new kicks

Huge props to Zappos.  I ordered these around 2:30pm yesterday and they were delivered to my office today around 9:30am.

I got the shipment notification last night at 8:51 pm.
UPS Tracking labels them delivered at 9:23 am.
Elapsed time was 12 hours, 32 minutes or so.
Distance traveled was Louisville, KY to Greensboro, NC = approximately 491 miles.
If my math is right, that’s a pace of like 1:31/mile.

I hope you enjoyed it, shoes.  You’ll never move that fast again.

Today is a rest day and tomorrow I am potentially going to race a 5k, so I won’t be wearing them for a couple days.  I look forward to taking them out for a spin – they are a lot less frou-frou than the lavender/blue ones I have now (I mean the cobalt/powder blue/silver/anthracite/white pair, of course).  Oh – and they are a lot more Wake Forest (yay!) colors than Carolina (boo – GTHC).  😉



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  1. Darrel Wells / May 11 2012 1:32 PM

    I like the colors! What race might you be talking about? The Race the Bar 5k and 5 mi is in G’boro Sat @ 3. Free beer after… I may have to break my sunrise running curfew for that!

    • Emily / May 11 2012 4:19 PM


      I was thinking about a 5k in Clemmons that one of my blog friends is involved with:

      I’ve thought about those Race the Bar events too – afternoon races are toughies though.

      • Darrel Wells / May 11 2012 6:12 PM

        Good luck at the Potters’ House! The Race the Bar is 1/2 mi from my house… So I’d hate to miss the opportunity to run there for my warmup!

  2. hinsone / May 11 2012 5:19 PM

    Nice! I think black and neon green is a apt description. I love my Brooks. I’ve seen the signs all over the place for the ROCC the Potters House 5K and just discovered the other day it’s literally like a half mile from my house. But I’m going up to Dobson this weekend for the Shelton Vineyards Running of the Vineyards 10K, so I’m already booked for this weekend.

    • hinsone / May 11 2012 5:21 PM

      Argh.. I totally forgot to mention I am NC State, not Wake but of course agree wholeheartedly with the GTHC!!! (And that’s funny about the pace on the shoes. Shame they will never live up to that again).

  3. sgtharp / May 12 2012 8:00 AM

    Obviously, these are the kicks to use for your upcoming sprint events: They’re already prepped.



  1. Race Report: Law Enforcement Memorial 5k « run. eat. nap. drink.

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