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May 13 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Jumping into Half Marathon Training


Monday –5 miles, tempo [exercise: kickball game]
Tuesday – 6 morning miles with a friend (inc. 4×800 on the track)
Wednesday – 4 miles (inc. 5x hill repeats) [exercise: 200 crunches]
Thursday – 5 morning miles with a friend
Friday – rest
Saturday – 4 miles race pace
Sunday – 11 miles (8 easy, 3 race pace)
Total = 35 miles

Back on track!  I don’t think I’ve run 6 days out of the week in quite some time.

I’m now 5 weeks out from my next half marathon.  I haven’t specifically trained for a half marathon since I started running full marathons.  I’ve run quite a few, but most have been in the course of training for the 26.2 distance.  I’ve decided to hyper-focus on the half marathon training for my June and July half marathons, and this week I picked up the last 6 weeks of Hal Higdon’s Advanced Half Marathon training plan.  In the past I haven’t incorporated speed work into my running very much, and certainly nothing in a specific plan, but this week I did a tempo run, interval work on the track and hill repeats.  Changing up the daily run keeps things interesting and gives me something to think about, which is nice.  But my goodness… those hill repeats were killer.  My glutes were angry for days.

Following a training plan is nice.  Since it’s just 6 weeks, it seems more possible than an 18-week marathon training plan.  I should be able to do this for 6 weeks.  Feel free to remind me of that statement in a couple weeks (or tomorrow) when I just want to sleep in.


Best Eat of the Week: chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel sandwiches, which I posted about earlier today.   Runner up: chicken and waffles at brunch this morning (Willows Bistro).

Worst Eat of the Week: I’ve been tracking my calorie intake this week, so technically the worst (caloric) eat of the week was a quesadilla, tortilla chips & queso for lunch at Moe’s.  Close second was another lunch of a chicken teriyaki sub & french fries from Penn Station.  It has been interesting to see the nutritional facts of my meals.  Maybe it means I go out to lunch less often… or maybe not.  I’m still a few hundred calories under my “weekly goal” so some 1000 calorie meals aren’t the end of the world, if I keep up 6 days a week of running!


2 solid hours on the couch during a rainstorm this afternoon.  After a 6:30am alarm, 11 mile run and big brunch, it was definitely naptime by 2pm.


Dark & Stormy.   Rum & ginger beer with lime.  Delicious.


Public service announcement: don’t honk at runners.  Like my heart isn’t working hard enough already, getting a horn in my face makes my heart want to explode, makes me pissed at stupid drivers, makes me wonder why you think it’s a fun thing to do.  I was about jump out of my skin.  Plus, then 10 minutes later when a friend drives down the road and gives me a honk and wave, I get really close to flicking them off.


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  1. thewellwithall / May 22 2012 6:23 PM

    Great post. I used Hal Higdon’s program as a guideline for a half once and really liked it. Speed work rocks. Agree about honking at runners–yikes!

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