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June 05 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Fitting in the miles


5/28 – 6/3
Monday – zero.
Tuesday – 5 morning miles, 7 after-work miles inc. 4×1600
Wednesday – 4 morning miles
Thursday – 5 morning miles
Friday – rest
Saturday – 12.5 miles
Sunday – rest (traveling)
Total = 33.5 miles

I fit in five running workouts in four days last week.  Monday (Memorial Day), I was returning from a weekend away and just could not motivate myself out into the hot weather.  But I completed Monday and Tuesday’s runs on Tuesday to fit it all in.  We had no kickball this week as we’re now ramping up for playoffs.  I had to leave home around 6:30 on Sunday morning to catch a flight, and with a full day of traveling and a wake to attend, I knew there would be no exercise that day, which is fine.  I planned for it and enjoyed my longer run on Saturday instead, and was treated to an unseasonably cool day which made for a pleasant run.


Best Eat of the Week: Joaquin’s Curb Cuisine was at the First Friday gallery hop and I enjoyed some nice pollo & carne asada tacos.  I recommend checking this food truck out if you get the chance!  You can follow on twitter (@JoaquinsTruck) or on facebook to see where the truck will be.  Winston isn’t really a food truck city (yet?), but this is a nice treat.

Worst Eat of the Week: I guess the collard greens were a disappointment, but they were alright.  I was running really low on food for a few days as I just hadn’t managed a grocery trip, so there were a few too many restaurant trips for meals.


I’m pretty sure I took three naps before 5pm on Monday.  You know, the day I didn’t do anything whatsoever.  Well – I cleaned the litter box and the toilet, and watched a heck of a lot of television.  Does that count?  Honestly though, sometimes you need a day like that, and when there’s no work, it’s a good day to do jack shit.


Last week’s drink of the week gets the honor more for its sheer existence than for some overwhelming tasting experience.  The winner is Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale.  Isn’t that just a mouthful?!  A friend mentioned this unique beer last week and I was pleased to discover it at the great local beer shop, City Beverage.  It was $13-14 for the (big) bottle, so it’s not a cheap experiment, but some friends and I split it because we were all quite interested in giving it a try.

Honestly, the beer was not as awesome as I was expecting, based on the name.  It had a very strong maple aroma and certainly a maple flavor.  There was some smokey-type flavor which I think was supposed to be the bacon, but it really wasn’t what I hoped for.  Though really, I’ve never drank bacon so I don’t know if I’d really enjoy that or if it would transfer well to a drink.    Drinking the beer made me want bacon and pancakes, which is never a bad thing.

It was tasty and worth trying, but perhaps not going too far out of your way for.  But then again, it’s incredibly unusual, so the kitsch factor of a maple bacon beer might outweigh the slightly underwhelming flavor profile.

yes, for real.


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