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June 10 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: All Over the Place


Monday – 3 treadmill miles
Tuesday – zero (travel)
Wednesday – 7 evening miles for National Running Day [exercise: kickball]
Thursday – 4.75 morning miles
Friday – rest
Saturday – 12.25 morning miles with Steve
Sunday – zero
Total = 27 miles

Missed a couple workouts so my weekly total is a little low.  Spending the day in airplanes and at airports on Tuesday cuts into my time.  I got very little sleep during the week, so I relished every moment of sleeping on Friday morning, though I should have made up for Tuesday.  Then Saturday was an early morning as I met Steve of Steve’s House of Running at 6:00… I was out past midnight, so the 5:00am alarm clock was not my best friend.  Was out late Saturday night so I slept in until like 11am this morning – unheard of – and didn’t run.

Last week of training before the Double Creek Half Marathon on Saturday.  Really interesting the difference between half and full training.  My Saturday workout was a 2-hour assignment, which is longer than I hope to take for my race.  Compare that to the three week gradual taper of most full marathon training plans and it just seems wild.  But 12 miles just doesn’t put the wear and tear on the body as those 20 mile workouts, so I’m sure there is wisdom behind it.  This week’s workouts aren’t so much different than any other week.  A couple less miles here and there, and an additional assigned rest day, but that’s assuming the race is on a Sunday.  I’ll probably stick with running Mon-Tues-Weds-Thurs to get in the miles.  So hard to follow “the hay is in the barn” when the taper is so subtle!

I neglected to recap monthly mileage as we turned the calendar page last week.  January: 102, February: 111+, March: 116+, April: 74.  May brought 114 miles, so I’m right back in there.  Having a little more mileage during the week has helped balance out the shorter weekend mileage that half marathon training brings.


Best Eat of the Week: This week had two strong candidates.  First place goes to Friendly’s.  I have a long engrained fondness in my heart for Friendly’s.  Most of my extended family lives in New England, and both sets of grandparents lived there too, in Massachusetts, so I have very happy memories of Friendly’s trips.  I think there might even be one in Charlotte but to me, Friendly’s and New England go together.  How many times can I write Friendly’s in this paragraph?  🙂  My mom and sister and I went on Monday in New Hampshire and got a small lunch and ice cream sundaes.  The lunch was so-so, but the sundae was all I wanted it to be.

1 scoop Reese’s Peanut Butter, 1 scoop chocolate chip, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry!

Runner-Up Eat of the Week: Saturday afternoon some friends and I headed out to the RibFest in downtown Winston.  I walked there, which was nice to stretch the legs and save parking.  Took about 15 minutes.  I don’t take advantage of my proximity to downtown often enough.  Although it was a RIB festival, ribs aren’t my favorite and I decided to get a meal that was calling to me a little louder… a pulled pork sandwich with slaw.  Paired it with a Foothills Hoppyum and it was perfect.  Okay, honestly I prefer red slaw, or for white slaw to be much drier, but the meat was tasty and the atmosphere was fun.

lunch came from Carolina Rib King

Worst Eat of the Week: I was running pretty low on groceries mid-week and one night dinner just ended up being fried eggs and crackers & cheese.  It hit the spot and was tasty enough, but if I’d had more choices, those items would not have featured highly on my menu.  I’m thankful for a coworker with chickens for bringing me farm-fresh eggs!


Saturday I looked at the clock and realized I’d already eaten two breakfasts, run 12+ miles and taken two naps… all before noon.  Waking up after all that to watch some soccer (I guess I should call it “football” during UEFA and World Cup Qualifying) then heading out to the Ribfest and a big night out felt like a whole extra day had been added to my weekend.  Need to remember this feeling next time I’m whining about waking up early.


Lots of drinks this week.  I just posted about my tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery, so Budweiser is a good ol’ classic.  But I think the prize has to go to Foothills Bourbon Barrel Aged India Brown Ale.  I had that twice this week at good ol’ Foothills, one of my most-visited locales in town.


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  1. hinsone / Jun 11 2012 7:00 AM

    The only Friendly’s I know off in NC is way out East off of I-95. Can’t remember the name of the little town it’s in but it’s way out in the middle of nowhere. I’m disappointed you keep going to Foothills without me… LOL… Sounds like a good week! Good luck on your half!

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