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July 09 2012 / Emily

Dual Weekly Recap: Rough.


Total = 19.5 miles

Total = 13.75 miles

No long run in the first week due to Ultimate Runner that weekend, then some heat-related wimpy-ness and needed recovery hampered the mileage in the second week.  It has been a pretty shabby pair of weeks in terms of mileage.  Would be acceptable if these were combined into a 33.25 mile week, but it’s only a combined blog post.

I mentioned this in brief on my dailymile page, but I will also admit that while the heat outside is a challenge to run in, the bigger thing stopping me is the heat inside my apartment.  I live in a great location and beautiful apartment in a converted old home, with one weak little window unit air conditioner trying in vain to keep the place livable during this heat wave, but mostly just cooling about 2/3 of my bedroom and little else.  As an example, my living room stuck at 88 degrees this weekend (though it is more comfortable under the ceiling fan).  I have purchased a second air conditioner to put in my living room, but need some electrical work done before I can plug in another big power hog.  I’m hoping to get my new circuit or fuse or whatever installed in the next couple days so I can install the AC.  It’s one thing to go out for a run and get all over-heated then come into a comfortable, cool home.  When I know it’s a challenge to get/stay cool in my home, it’s hard to force myself out the door.  I will try to be better.


Best Eat of the Week: Multiple cookouts on July 4th, with all the classic cookout foods.  Burgers, grilled corn, pimento cheese, cold beer, cobbler of fresh-picked berries, etc. etc.  A great full day that really messed with the rest of my week.  Glad we won’t have another Wednesday July 4th for a while.  I’ll be old and boring by then.  😉

Worst Eat of the Week: Can’t think of anything much here.  Again – I’ve got to start taking better notes!


This isn’t normal here, because naps are just supposed to be good.  I mean, they are naps.  But the last two Sundays, I have taken too-long, too-hot afternoon naps.  The “too hot to do anything else” kind of nap that ends up stretching an hour+ longer than intended, then messes with your whole sleep schedule.  So I think this is a first in this spot: the bad nap.


Last week I concocted a nice little summertime cocktail: muddled watermelon, vodka and orange juice.  I’d make another right now but I’m out of OJ.  Darn.

very refreshing summertime drink!


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  1. hinsone / Jul 9 2012 8:49 PM

    The mid week holiday messed me up something fierce too! I know you’ll get back on track though. Just remember, at least your half marathon this weekend is all downhill!

    The heat is no joke, if you can’t get cooled off that’s very smart to not let yourself get overheated, unfortunately with it messing up your training is the downside.

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