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July 11 2012 / Emily

Easy Taco Salad

Tonight I made a quick taco salad for dinner. Very filling and a lot healthier than the typical restaurant “taco salad.”  Nothing overly complicated or fancy, thus the “easy” moniker.

Emily’s Easy Taco Salad

(ingredient quantity is your choice depending on preferences and servings)
Canned corn with peppers
Cooked chicken
Taco seasoning
Plain Greek yogurt
Taco blend shredded cheese
Tortilla chips for garnish

(most of) the taco salad ingredients

I neglected to include a photo of some of the ingredients, as I was making this “recipe” up as I went along.  Sorry yogurt and chips!

I started with the lettuce, grape tomatoes and some carrots in a bowl.  Note I do not mention the carrots in the ingredients as I did not like them in this salad.  Your choice, however.

salad: before.

I then attacked the salad with my OXO Salad Chopper, essentially a pizza slicer with two blades.  This is great for condensing a lot of salad into a smaller area, thus making your salad denser and more filling.  You can’t really see from the photo, but this was more of a two-person sized salad before I chopped it up into a single large serving.  And really, salad is easier to eat without massive leaves.

Salad: after.

After a couple minutes of wheeling the chopper around the bowl, I was left with a much smaller pile of veggies.

Next, I took my can of chicken and drained and shredded it.  You can certainly use fresh cooked chicken if you prefer.  Sometimes I am overly nervous about cooking poultry so I prefer it this way for this sort of meal.  Then I mixed in about half the packet of taco seasoning to coat the shredded chicken.  I heated one serving’s worth of this mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds before serving.

Then I took a scoop of plain nonfat Greek yogurt and about an equal portion of salsa.  I mixed these together to serve as my dressing. Be sure to get the plain yogurt, not vanilla or any other flavor!

salsa + Greek yogurt

I then spooned my chopped lettuce into the bowl and topped with the canned corn with peppers, heated taco-seasoned chicken, shredded cheese and the salsa dressing.  I placed a few tortilla chips as garnish.

the finished product: Emily’s Easy Taco Salad.

Obviously I am still working on my food photography.

As I mentioned, I didn’t feel the carrots worked well in this salad.  Perhaps they needed to be chopped more finely, or preferably shredded, but I do not have a shredder so I was out of luck.  I love carrots but this didn’t jive.  Ended up picking them out first and eating before diving into the rest of the meal.

This was a very filling salad.  Often I want to eat a dessert after having salad for dinner, or otherwise award myself (and actually fill up), but this was a very satisfying dinner salad.

We’ve had a heat wave here over the past couple weeks, and each time I would open my fridge or pantry, I discovered that most of my standard food options are things I have to cook, usually on the stove top.  I was getting tired of boiling water (pasta, rice and cous cous were my meals over the weekend) so I made sure to stock up on salad veggies on my next grocery trip.  I will be trying a few different varieties of salads with the remainder of the veggie items.  Sometimes a nice cool and crisp dinner is just what the doctor ordered.



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  1. laurenquartz / Jul 11 2012 2:20 PM

    Yum! I would leave out the carrots too. Not my fave. Though I still don’t believe you that this was filling! I probably would have eaten dessert anyway. 😉


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