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July 25 2012 / Emily


Last week I got my first hair cut in over two years.  That’s right, two years.  I chopped off a full 12 inches of hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  (2 years ago at that last cut, I did the same thing with about 10 inches of hair.)  This isn’t explicitly running related, but I’ll try to tie it all together.

So many people have assumed I was donating to Locks of Love that I wanted to clarify.  Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a similar program, a charity making wigs for sick people.  Pantene focuses on wigs for women with cancer, while Locks of Love focuses on wigs for children with long term hair loss for any medical reason.  The primary difference, in my eyes, is that Pantene’s wigs are always free to their recipients, while Locks of Love charges on a sliding scale depending on the person’s circumstance.

This is not to say that one is a better charity than the other, I just researched them both and made my choice.  Additionally, somehow it seems like since Locks of Love seems more popular, I’d like to support the lesser-served charity.

Along the way, I found this post from a blogger which does a thorough job explaining her thought process when going through the hair donation and who to donate to: – check it out!

To tie this into running, I was a little worried how my new shorter hair would cooperate in a ponytail.  I did tell the hairdresser that I needed to be able to pull it back, but often that still leaves many shorter hairs along the neckline or forehead that escape the pony.  I’m pleased to report that after a couple runs, my short ponytail is holding together wonderfully.

There are before and after photos below!  My “before” was always braided, to try and keep it from getting less tangled and messy.  It swung around a lot and would swat me on the shoulders and back.  My “after” is just a big puffball on the back of my head, that swishes around and brushes against the back of my neck.  Not annoying yet, just noticeable.  I may try to put the pony a bit higher on my head next time and see if that makes a difference.

hair: before

hair: after




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  1. hinsone / Jul 25 2012 8:20 PM

    Looks good and a great cause! I kinda like the “lesser known charity” aspect. I may have to look for things like that that complement the bigger charities like Susan g Komen etc.

    • Emily / Jul 26 2012 7:19 AM

      Thank you. I think any charity is good, but as long as a group has a good reputation, it can’t hurt to spread the wealth!

  2. Deepa / Jul 25 2012 9:56 PM

    It also helps that you have a “good” shaped head! I never heard of Pantene Beautiful Lengths, next time I am donating my hair, I will have to donate to them. And that poofball is adorable…:)

    • Emily / Jul 26 2012 7:20 AM

      LOL, so glad I have a well-shaped head. 😛 & thanks!

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