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August 06 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Putting the wheels back on the bus


Monday – rest
Tuesday – 5 morning miles
Wednesday – 8 evening miles
Thursday – 4 morning miles
Friday – rest
Saturday – [workout: football drills]
Sunday – 14 morning miles
Total = 31 miles

I stepped it up slightly more this week to prepare for my first week of the marathon training program.  I’ve officially decided to do Pfitzinger’s 12/55 plan (12 weeks with a high of 55 miles per week), but I may alter it a bit.  For example, this current week that is just beginning has three rest/cross training days.  Since I don’t really have any cross training in my life, those just turn into rest, so I may toss in extra shorter runs to keep moving.  Three days off seems like too much for the supposed-to-be-ambitious-plan, though I’m sure I’d relish those rest days!  Or maybe I need to pump up the tires and learn how to ride my bike again.

As the Pftiz 12/55 plan progresses, I’ll reflect more on it, but my first thoughts are that the pace ranges for most of the longer runs just seem far too slow.  With a current marathon pace goal somewhere between 9:10 (stretch) and 9:44/mile (realistic) yielding runs between 10:04 and 10:42 as the fastest recommended “long run pace” (going up to 11:00-11:40), some of the paces just seem too slow – mostly those on the higher end of the spectrum coinciding with the realistic 9:44 goal pace.  So I’ll be feeling out speeding it up a little for some of the shorter runs at least.  Some of the “recovery run” paces seem like they should be well slower than 11:30/mile pace and I just cannot make myself run that slowly unless I am really exhausted.  I realize we all have our different paces and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that pace, but it literally hurts me to force myself to run that slowly if my legs are feeling strong.

During my long run Sunday at Salem Lake, I was pleased to find a fancy new water fountain, featuring normal drinking spigot, bottle refill tap, ground-level dog spigot and mister/shower feature, installed around the halfway point (at Linville Road).  For those who might not be familiar with Salem Lake, it is a roughly 7 mile loop trail around what is sometimes a lake.  Right now they are in the seemingly really long process of rebuilding the dam, so they drained at least half of the lake.  It is much lower water level throughout and parts of it have reverted to what I’d consider meadows and marshland.  This transformation into Salem Marsh was really confirmed when I saw a doe and fawn scamper across the trail in front of me and vanish into the high grasses of the (former) lakebed.  However, I will still always call it Salem Lake.  I do wonder when it will be refilled and what will happen with the whole new ecosystem that has developed in the incredibly rich uncovered soil.  I know I will miss the cranes and other avian life that has nested in the area.  But regardless of its status as a lake or a swamp, I consider its wide, mostly flat and mostly smooth trails one of the best places to run in Winston-Salem.

I’ll also briefly acknowledge my listed workout for Saturday… football drills.  Every summer, Wake Forest presents the Women’s Football Clinic, where ladies get the privilege of meeting with all the coaches to learn football basics.  Head Coach Jim Grobe starts the day with a speech (always funny!) then the attendees can choose either indoor lessons about play-calling and similar, or drills outside on the turf at BB&T Field, where the Demon Deacons play.  This was my 4th year attending the clinic and choosing to do the outside drills.  All the position coaches and other assistants/grad assistants are out there teaching the basics of blocking, tackling, proper stance, back-pedaling, throwing, catching, etc.  It ends with a “scrimmage” and is always a blast.  It’s nice to see a couple hundred women of all ages out there enjoying Wake Forest Football.


Best Eat of the Week: It’s really nothing fancy, but I’ve been hooked on Greek yogurt for the past month or so.  I started buying the individual sized cups with different flavors (peach, strawberry, blueberry), but to be more cost-effective I have started buying the large multi-serving tub of fat free vanilla Greek yogurt and portioning it into a smaller cup to bring to the office for lunch.  The vanilla is refreshing but I’ve really enjoyed topping it with an generous sprinkle of miniature chocolate chips.  Satisfy that sweet dessert craving without too much caloric intake!

a tasty, not-too-unhealthy treat!

Worst Eat of the Week: I ate a whole lot of junk food on Saturday afternoon/evening at a party, but it was all delicious.  Did it give me a stomach ache?  Yes.  Could anything qualify as “worst food?”  Nope.  But it was too much rich food all at once!


Sunday afternoon, after my 14 miles and in the midst of some great Olympics.


New Belgium Brewing brought a keg of their Tart Lychee beer to Mellow Mushroom last week, so some friends and I stopped by for a pour.  Tart Lychee is part of their Lips of Faith series, which I understand to be a limited-production and -release series of beers with quirkier flavors.

I really enjoyed this unique beer.  I’ve never had the lychee fruit before, and I’m sure it doesn’t taste a ton like this beer, but I’m willing to try it, if the occasion ever presents itself.

a great mix of sweet and sour.


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