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August 13 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Getting Serious


Monday – light weights – curls
Tuesday – 9 morning miles (including 10x100m strides)
Wednesday – 5 morning miles
Thursday – 8 evening miles
Friday – rest
Saturday – 5.5 morning miles (warm-up, Mission 5k, cool-down)
Sunday – 13 morning miles (including 8 at marathon pace)
Total = 40.5 miles

This was the first week of Pfitz 12/55 marathon training.  I disobeyed the training plan almost immediately.  Tuesday should have been 8 miles, but my Garmin wasn’t working (again!!) so it became 9.  Wednesday was supposed to be rest/cross training.  Thursday should have been 9 miles, but I figured I’d count Tuesday’s extra.  Saturday should have been super-easy miles, not a 5k race.  Perhaps that’s why my “marathon pace” miles on Sunday felt so tough!  I was slogging through.  However, the miles were almost all a good bit faster than my realistic marathon pace estimate, and the slower one was just 2 seconds off and contained a part where I let myself walk up part of a hill while taking a water break – of course I felt guilty!

The plan should be getting more interesting from here… tomorrow will bring 11 miles, my first midweek double-digit run in quite some time and possibly just my second ever.  On that note, I need to finish this post and get some sleep.


Best Eat of the Week: For some reason, for multiple days I was imagining myself eating an egg sandwich in the shape of a star.  Yes, stars are kind of my favorite shape, but I rarely eat star-shaped foods.  On Sunday afternoon I decided to create this bizarre daydream of mine.  I’d planned ahead and gotten some eggs which I don’t always have around, and “Thins” rolls were on sale this week so I had Bagel Thins and Sandwich Thins.  I cracked an egg into my largest star cookie cutter (I have 6-8 sizes in a set) and fried it up with some butter.  It was a challenge to flip, and turned out rather messy in the pan until I pulled off the edges.  I think a better decision if I do this again would just be to fry the egg then cut it out afterward.  Lesson learned!  It was cute and tasty.  I even made a second egg & cheese sandwich for brunch part two… but not star shaped that time.

star power!

Worst Eat of the Week: I might need to discontinue this feature, as I tend not to have big food fails lately!  I’m sure I had unhealthy meals but I can’t think of anything that wasn’t yummy.


Blissful naps both Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  A race and a mid-long run in one weekend makes for multiple naps!


I’ve just got to go with beer here, in general.  I attended the Twin City Taps beer festival on Saturday and intend to write up a post for that later this week.  It was a very fun time!



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  1. hinsone / Aug 14 2012 6:59 AM

    Well training plans were meant to be broken right? Nice job on a huge double digit week! I know we are training for different things, and we aren’t supposed to compare to other people, but it’s hard not to get a small pang of jealousy when I see you guys knocking out my weekly mileage (or more) in a single run. You and Steve are gonna rock the Ridge to Bridge! I hope your run this morning is going well, you’re probably running as I type this.

    • Emily / Aug 14 2012 8:30 PM

      Thanks! I don’t want to make too much of a habit of breaking the training plan but it has to be moderately flexible. And I really know it’s hard not to, but don’t compare. There is always someone doing more or faster or both. Think of how far you’ve come! I didn’t manage my 11 miles this morning but just finished it tonight. 🙂

      • hinsone / Aug 14 2012 8:43 PM

        Yeah, I don’t compare much and it’s only a small bit of jealousy cause I know you guys are way ahead of me experience wise and training wise, and both training for a longer distance.

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