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September 04 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Excuses, Excuses


Monday – rest (planned)
Tuesday – 5 easy
Wednesday – zero (skipped 10 mi run)
Thursday – 11 miles before work with Steve
Friday – rest (planned)
Saturday – 5.2 mile trail race (report to come)
Sunday – zero run (skipped 17 mi run); 4 mile walk
Total = 25.2 miles run + 4 miles walked

Pfitz week four didn’t go too well at all.  I needed Monday’s rest day, but it also gave time for my ankle to decide that I’d tweaked it during kickball the day before.  Iced it that evening and put off Tuesday’s run until the evening once I realized I could walk around on it okay during the day.  Could definitely feel that it was a little off once I got running though.  Decided not to over-do it and skipped Wednesday’s run, which I find justified due to the little tweak.

The ankle felt fine Wednesday so I planned to meet Steve for 11 miles on Thursday morning.  Convenient we both had 11 miles on the same day!  His plan was for 2 easy miles then alternating moderate pace miles with easy miles.  I met at his apartment at 4:30, which means I was out of bed around 3:45am.  Early!  It was actually not too difficult to wake up though.  We had a nice run together, and it was certainly helpful to have plans as an extra motivation to get out the door.

Friday was a scheduled rest day again.  My friend Andrea came into town for the long weekend and arrived Friday afternoon.  I got out of work early and we had a nice time exploring the old haunts.  Then Saturday morning we drove out to Davidson, NC for the Xterra Fisher Farm Park 5.2 mile Trail Run.  There was also a 10 mile option.  More to follow on that in a later blog post!  It was a fun race but quite challenging on the trails.

I woke up Sunday morning sore all over.  My glutes were sore from the trails, my left arm, shoulder and neck/back area was sore from carrying a heavy cooler to the Saturday afternoon tailgate, and my head was just a little sore from my part in emptying said heavy cooler.  🙂  We had been talking about going for a hike that afternoon, so in the late morning I realized I would not have time for 17 miles and still fit in the hike.  Then the forecast changed and the hike looked like a bad idea due to storms in the afternoon, so I did neither.  We’d already been rained on plenty at the football game/tailgate so we didn’t want to get stuck out in the woods in a thunderstorm.  Ended up being incredibly lazy and just hanging out most of the day.  We did find a clear gap in the forecast (it didn’t end up raining until early evening) and spent some time walking around downtown Winston, just exploring, so at least I got 4 miles of walking in.  Not that it can make up for the missed 17 mile run.

I’m hoping to be better this week, and maybe add a couple miles here and there to the workouts.  This current week is slated for some recovery which I don’t need after missing more than half the overall distance of my planned runs last week!


Best Eat of the Week: I’ve got to give this to my gluttonous weekend across the board.  Andrea went to Wake Forest with me and used to live in Winston-Salem, so we hit up a lot of the old favorites that she doesn’t have available where she lives now in New England.  Moe’s (quesadillas, chips, queso), Cookout (milkshakes, hushpuppies), Mellow Mushroom (pizza), Midtown Cafe & Dessertery (pancakes and omelette).  Not to mention all the delicious foods at the tailgate on Saturday.

Pancakes and Cheddar Bacon Omelette

Worst Eat of the Week: I actually had a disappointing meal on Tuesday at Foothills.  I ordered Paul’s Spicy Ostrich Burger, a lean ostrich burger with onions, jalapenos, some sort of sauce and pepper jack cheese.  Asked for it to be cooked medium and it was a bit more charred than I would have preferred.  Tasted a bit burnt, though the center of the burger wasn’t overcooked, so maybe it was cooked on a grill too hot.  It wasn’t necessarily bad but it was disappointing.  I probably won’t order that one again.


I may have drifted off a little on Sunday afternoon while watching a Storage Wars marathon, but no real naps this weekend.


My friend and I shared a bottle of raspberry lambic on Sunday afternoon, which was delicious.  Lambics are a special kind of beer which are left exposed to open air for spontaneous fermentation from the organisms in the air.  Learn more here at lambic’s wikipedia page!  It was quite a tasty treat, and honestly didn’t really taste like beer at all, really just rich fruit juice.

it tasted like raspberry juice!


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