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September 20 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recaps: Better Late?


Monday – zero
Tuesday – 5 miles
Wednesday – 12 miles
Thursday – rest
Friday – 9 miles (inc. 4 at lactate threshold)
Saturday – 5 miles easy watchless
Sunday – 16 miles run and 5 miles walk
Total = 52 miles (47 run and 5 walk)

Monday – rest (activity: 2 kickball games)
Tuesday – zero (not feeling well)
Wednesday – 11.25 miles (inc. 5 x 1000m at VO2 max)
Thursday – 10 miles
Friday – rest
Saturday – 5k race at Belews Lake Triathlon relay, warm up and cool down
Sunday – 16 miles (inc. 12 at marathon pace)
Total = 40.5 miles

Missed a couple runs in there and moved some around as well.  The first week was supposed to have a rest day on Tuesday but I hadn’t done my long run the weekend prior so I didn’t earn that rest.  Otherwise I followed that whole week just right!  Getting close to Pfitz’s plan for that one.

The second week was more of a cluster.  Tuesday I had a raging headache and needed sleep badly so I skipped the evening run.  Wednesday was only supposed to be 10 miles but I’m always misjudging the mileage on the track.  That one was off because I forgot to think about the recovery intervals of 50-90% time of the 1000m run interval.  So tacked on 1.25 extra miles there.  Thursday was supposed to be 12 miles but I ran out of time before dinner plans.  Saturday was supposed to be 6 miles including 6x100m strides, but I had the 5k instead.  And Sunday was supposed to be 15 miles total but I bumped it up to 16 for fun.  All over the place that week.

And yeah I don’t really have any good excuse for my blog being so late.  I mean I had kickball on Monday and trivia on Tuesday and bell rehearsal and trivia on Wednesday… Okay maybe I have decent excuses.  Oh the other one is that my internet was out for like a week and I sure as heck wasn’t going to make posts from my phone.  But thank goodness for 4G and a smartphone, I don’t know how I would have survived without any internet access at all.  Not having my (wireless only) iPad and laptop was crippling enough.  So glad I upgraded from my dumbphone last summer.


Best Eat of the Week:  After my 16 miler (first weekend), I needed some food and stat.  Was pleased to remember I’d picked up some extra sliced cheese and for once in my life, I actually had sliced bread.  I almost exclusively eat sandwiches on Flat Out wraps, but had picked up a loaf of bread so my parents could have some toast for breakfast when they stayed over.  That left me with the perfect opportunity to make grilled cheese!  I love grilled cheese so much but rarely make it at home.  The bread was a nice rich wheat bread with flax seed and other such deliciousness, and I used 1.5 slices of sharp white cheddar and 1.5 slices of pepper jack on either side of some deli turkey.  Nice spread of butter on each side of the bread and we’re all set.  It was so good served with a big ol’ glass of chocolate milk and some carrot chips.

I mean really it was probably the best grilled cheese I’ve ever made.  Guess I turned the heat to the right setting or something.  All the cheese was melted just so and both sides of the bread got perfectly crispy.

my very kid-friendly meal

Worst Eat of the Week: On Saturday of the first week listed above, my parents were in town for the UNC at Wake Forest football game, which the Deacs won in a very exciting one!  Anyway, tailgating makes for weird food intake.  I ate lots of unhealthy delicious stuff like Bojangles and cookies and pizza.  That was all in the noon to late afternoon time frame.  After the game I needed to take my folks back to Greensboro so they could catch their train out the next morning and I wasn’t terribly hungry for dinner.  But I realized I needed to eat something before bed since I had a long run in the morning.  I got home from Greensboro totally exhausted and it was all I could do to microwave a Lean Pocket of some random variety and choke it down before brushing my teeth and falling into bed.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Hot Pockets (and Lean) can be delicious, but it was just not the right time.  I made it through my run the next morning though so I guess it was sort of enough fuel.


I’m sure I napped in there somewhere…


I don’t know what the best drink was, but it sure wasn’t Hex, the fall seasonal by Magic Hat.  Got the six pack home from Harris Teeter and as I was moving it toward the fridge, the bottom fell out of the container and the beer all fell to the floor.  Somehow, three of the beers survived unharmed, but that still left three bottles worth of beer and glass shattered and spilled all over my kitchen floor.  Took forever to clean up.  I’m still bitter toward that beer so I haven’t even tasted the survivors yet.

Note to self: think twice before buying any more beer named for a curse.

what. a. mess.


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