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September 24 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Sixty One Miles and a Birthday


Monday – rest day; 1 hour kickball
Tuesday – 6 miles (inc. 6x100m strides)
Wednesday – 12 miles
Thursday – rest day
Friday – 11 morning miles (inc. 6 miles at lactate threshold); Moonlight Madness 5k at 8pm + warm-up run 0.9
Saturday – 20 miles
Sunday – 8 miles
Total = 61 miles

61 miles marks my biggest mileage week ever.  I also finished the week at 1025 miles for the year, definitely the earliest I’ve ever gotten to that 1000 mile threshold.  Given that I am on the Pfitz 12/55 plan (12 weeks with peak at 55 miles a week) you should notice that I went a little over on the peak mileage.  The 5k race on Friday night was not part of the plan, so that 3.1 + 0.9 warm up was added.  By the way, the 0.9 was a run from my house to the race start – could it be more perfect?  I love rounded off numbers!  Then since Sunday was my 28th birthday, I decided to make it a 28 mile weekend.  The plan called for just 5 miles so that was a couple more added.

Aside from adding the 5k, I did okay on sticking to the plan this week.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning were all nearly by the book.  I did drop one mile from Friday morning due to the coming race.  Then I should have had the shorter run on Saturday and the 20 miler on Sunday, but due to it being Wake Forest Homecoming and my birthday and a big tailgate, I decided to get the run out of the way early.  It was a good choice!

Wednesday was not a good run.  I was tired and grouchy and spent the whole run telling myself how slow and fat and awful and pointless I was/this all was.  But I finished the run and my mood did lift a little by the end.  Just a little though.  I’m not confident that this marathon is going to go well, so this intense training might all be for nothing.  That’s the attitude I have right now.  But I’m trying to continue to remind myself that I’m strong and healthy and active and lucky for so many things, even if I never break 4 hours in the marathon or 24 minutes in the 5k or do anything respectable on the run.  Not many people can run enough marathons to lose track of how many, and forget which ones I ran.  Definitely was trying to tell a friend which races I’d run the other week and couldn’t even remember.

For the record, I have run 11 marathons so far: Marine Corps 2009, Hatfield & McCoy 2010, Northern Central Trail 2010, Thunder Road 2010, Mardi Gras 2011, New River 2011, San Francisco 2011, Richmond 2011, Outer Banks 2011, Umstead Trail 2012 and Blue Ridge 2012.

Saturday was, I believe, my fastest 20 miler to date.  I had two friends to run with, and they are both faster than I am.  I hope that I did more help to them by slowing them down, than harm to myself by running 20 miles at 10:03 pace.  My “target pace” has been faster for R2B but I’ll point out that if I could run a 10:03 pace for a full marathon, it would yield a 4:23 marathon, which would be my second best.  We were the first people out at Salem Lake, arriving around 5:30am.  The gates don’t open until around 7:00 so we had to park outside the gates.  There were SO many spider webs.  It was quite interesting to run through the woods in the dark!  I was glad I decided to bring my Knuckle Lights to guide us through the woods.

This section of the post is getting long but I’d be remiss to leave out the story of losing my friend in the woods.  So my 20-mile run buddies were two guys, Charlie and Stephen.  About 4 miles in, Charlie stops for a call of nature and we run ahead, he catches up a couple minutes later.  No problem.  Shortly thereafter it’s Stephen’s turn (boys!!) and he stops and I run ahead with Charlie.  5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes… no sign of him.  I was getting a little worried at this point, but we decided to finish the loop in case he went back the other way.  Then we figured we’d continue on in case he had turned around or was still in the woods where we left him somehow.  Second loop finished and we hadn’t seen him for about 10 miles.  I stopped at the lake office for a real toilet (you other ladies would understand) and while we were getting ready to start back up I spot Stephen running the other way on the trail.  Turns out he had lost his car key fob when he had stopped in the woods and while we’d been running, he had borrowed a cell phone, called his wife to call AAA, gotten AAA to come out and open his car so he could get the actual key which was locked in side, and finally he found us.  What an ordeal!  I’m so glad we found him, and it’s lucky that Salem Lake is so popular so he was fairly easily able to find someone to borrow a phone from.  Charlie and I realized that since it had been totally dark when we started the run, we didn’t even know what Stephen had been wearing!  I mean if something had happened, what were we going to ask the many dozens of other runners and cyclists on the loop?  “Did you see a guy about yay tall wearing… umm… a shirt.  And a fuel belt…?”  Not so descriptive!  Anyway, everything was fine but it was an adventure of a morning!


Best Eat of the Week: I straight up gorged all week.  Ate lunch at restaurants every work day.  Three on my own, and two for birthday lunches.  So much food.  Then all the birthday sweets.  I don’t think I can pinpoint one item that was the best.  Let’s just say it was a good week for an all-time high in mileage to try and counteract the massive food consumption.

Worst Eat of the Week: No takers this week.  Lots of junk food but I’m not going to choose one to disparage here.


Who has time for naps?  Okay I do!  After getting up at 4:00am on Saturday, running 20 miles, then tailgating, game watching in the sun and tailgating again until like 6pm, I took a rather blissful nap for an hour or two until heading back out for more socializing.


Another disappointment in the drink department this week.  A couple weeks ago I had picked up a big bottle of Southern Tier’s Crème Brûlée Stout.  I knew it was a bit too large to drink on my own, and had bought when a friend was in town with the intentions of sharing with her, but we never got there.

So I brought it to share with some friends on Saturday.  Note the amount in the glass?  I couldn’t even finish that much.  It was so sweet, and too much coffee flavor for me.  That’s a problem with stouts – so many of them have a lot of coffee undertone and I don’t like coffee at all.  A couple other folks tried similar quantities of the beer and nobody was overly enamored of it.  So this one was a miss.  Most of the bottle ended up getting poured out.  That was a ~$10 flop.  I’m not even sure why they would sell a beer like this in such a large bottle, at 22 ounces.  Not sure who could drink that much of a beer this rich and intense.  It smelled really sweet and strong, and was rather nice to just sniff.  You could taste the higher alcohol content on this one (~9.6%).  But I mean, frankly, it was very much like Crème Brûlée so I got exactly what I purchased.  A creative, well-executed beer that did exactly what it claimed it would.  I just didn’t love it.



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  1. hinsone / Sep 25 2012 6:58 AM

    Nothing wrong with a little extra mileage if you feel up to it, and setting a mileage PR is always a good thing! I’m pretty excited I’m gonna hit a new high monthly mileage this month and then October should be even higher. Great job with sticking (mostly) to the plan and rocking out those miles. I hope you get to feeling better about R2B because surely all this hard training can’t be for nothing. Happy Birthday (again) and great 61!

  2. David H / Oct 1 2012 10:06 PM

    61 miles really is an amazing week. Great work. Like I had mentioned before, I’m not real sure about getting in the high mileage mid-week, so I’ve always stayed away from the 12/55 plans (or in your case, 12/61), but maybe that’s just an excuse and I’m sure it would help to improve my time. Can’t wait to see how you do. The “fastest 20 miler ever” is probably a great indication of what lies ahead. Happy Birthday and may you have a great 28th year of running, eating, napping and drinking.

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