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December 03 2012 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Steps in the Right Direction


Monday – 10.5 miles
Tuesday – zero
Wednesday – 5 kilometers
Thursday – zero
Friday – zero
Saturday – 14 miles, Run at the Rock Trail Race
Sunday – rest
Total = 27.6 miles

Only three runs this week, but some slightly better mileage this time.  Now that I have a marathon coming up in just 13 weeks, I’m hoping I’ll find my motivation again.  Frankly, I think what bothers me more than low mileage and zero-mile days, is the fact that I intended to run those days but couldn’t haul myself out of bed.  I don’t harbor much guilt for planned off days, but when I set my alarm for 5:15am and just ignore it (or worse – when the alarm app has a “misfire” and doesn’t ring) and snooze for another 90 minutes instead of running.  I need to get my sleep habits back in check.  Can’t be too surprised that I choose more sleep when I’m only getting 5 hours.  That tracks back to my busy days at work which are pushing my lunches later into the day so I’m still drinking my lunchtime Diet Dew at 3pm… hence I’m still awake at midnight.  Things aren’t going to get more settled during December – so many holiday parties! – but I can be more disciplined with my free time.


Best Eat of the Week: Saturday evening, I got together with a dozen girlfriends for a ladies night and white elephant gift exchange.  We went to J. Pepper’s Southern Grille in Kernersville, a nice central location to where we all live, all over the Triad.  It was a really nice place and they tolerated our loud group quite well!  After sharing some appetizers with the group, I was still hungry so I ordered dinner… got a chicken turnover, collard greens and macaroni & cheese.  So delicious.  The turnover was like a folded up pot pie.  The greens were fantastic, some bacon and who knows what else to make it so tender and yummy.  I need to learn how to make greens like that.

absolutely delicious.

absolutely delicious.

Worst Eat of the Week: they were delicious, but the quantity of cookies I’ve eaten since Thursday is absurd.  Cookie party.  Cookies for dinner.  Cookies with breakfast.  Cookies all the time.  I’ll need to run 100 miles this week to counter act those damn cookies.  (worth it.) (not running 100 miles.) (gonna get fat.)


Hands down, Saturday afternoon.  Got a little warm-up nap going in the car on the way home from Run at the Rock (sorry for being a bad passenger, Steve), and then after eating and showering, I had a nice hour+ nap before heading out for the night.


A friend made mulled white wine with cinnamon and pear slices for a cookie-exchange party she held on Friday night.  I’d never had mulled white wine before, usually it’s mulled red served hot.  Very refreshing!



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  1. Mary / Dec 4 2012 10:11 AM

    The food looks delicious!

  2. Kim / Dec 5 2012 9:06 AM

    I hate when I can’t get out of bed to run too. It makes me so irritated with myself later, especially when I don’t have the option to make up the run after work.

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