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December 17 2012 / Emily

Dual Weekly Recap: Step by Step


Monday – 5.5 miles
Tuesday – zero
Wednesday – 4.5 miles
Thursday – zero
Friday – 6.25 miles
Saturday – zero
Sunday – 16 miles
Total = 32.25 miles

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 5 miles
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – zero
Friday – 11 miles
Saturday – 14 miles
Sunday – zero
Total = 35 miles

I signed up for a 50k while I was away from run blogging.  And am barely running over 50k a week.  On January 5 – that is very soon mind you – I will need to run 50k in a day.  All at once.  Hopefully less than 6 hours, actually.  I need this week to be top notch in terms of diligent training, which will be a challenge with some holiday travel, but I need to be up for the challenge since I’m putting myself through the 50k race regardless.

I’ve been very pleased and surprised with my pace lately.  I know the weather makes a huge difference (and, um, not running very much distance), but I’m feeling good getting out there and running faster than normal.  Some days a crappy day is my prompt to get out the door and push push push, but some days aren’t motivated by frustration or anything, just feeling good and running.  Who doesn’t enjoy improvement?  I’m definitely liking what I am seeing.  So of course, my reaction is choosing longer races where speed is a bad choice for a new distance.  Ha!  But really, I want running fast to stay a treat for now.  Not have it be uncomfortable all the time.


Best Eat of the Week: I feel like I should pat myself on the back for my attempt at curry, and it was quite tasty, but my silly little pizza dinner last night is really shining in my mind right now.

Got a little store-bought crust and sauce, added mixed shredded cheese, marinated artichoke hearts and turkey pepperoni.  So good.  Maybe I’ll try making my own crust sometime soon.  Now that I look at my photo, it looks dangerously like a Lunchables pizza but I swear it was so much better.


yummy little pizza

Worst Eat of the Week: A couple weeks ago I managed to make a pretty omelet for the first time.  Thought I could manage again.  Had some steamed spinach and sliced brie and really thought I was going to make something gourmet but I am back to failing at omelets.  It ripped when I was trying to fold it over.  And I didn’t even let the cheese get all melty because the egg was burning.  Oh well, it was an alright meal but not anywhere near what I was hoping.  Once I realized I was failing at the egg part, I decided to just add more brie thinking it would fix everything.  But it didn’t even make it pretty… just makes me look like a glutton.


omelet fail


This past saturday afternoon.  I had gotten up early to get to the mall around 8am, which was surprisingly calm since most of the stores weren’t open yet.  There was a Deacon Shop special sale for Deacon Club members (my college sports booster club).  Then I did some more shopping and a long run.  I carved out an hour for a solid nap before heading out to a couple Christmas parties.  So refreshing.


I’m kind of mad at myself for not making a post last week.  There have been a number of notable seasonal beers and I wanted to give two of them their place in the sun.

First was the Olde Rabbit’s Foot.  Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout.  This has a real kick to it.  It is a very limited release beer, a joint collaboration by three North Carolina breweries: Olde Hickory, Duck Rabbit and (my local) Foothills.  They had a bottle release at Foothills and then a small amount in the brewpub.  I think it lasted 3 days, and I made sure to get to the bar to try some before it ran out.  Really fantastic.  Deep, rich, smooth, bourbony… yeah it did kind of taste like someone had poured a little bourbon into the beer but really there is not a damn thing wrong with that.  Not a sneaky high gravity beer like some I’ve had.  You know there’s a lot of alcohol in there (over 10% ABV).


Olde Rabbit’s Foot

And now for something completely different… Shiner Cheer. This is Shiner’s holiday seasonal and it’s just absolutely delicious. So drinkable at 5.4% ABV. Sweet but not overwhelmingly so (admittedly I do enjoy sweet!).  If you can’t read the bottle, it is a dark wheat ale brewed with peaches and pecans.  I’ve picked up a six pack of this for much more enjoyment.  Might need another before it is gone for another year.


“Tis the Season for Cheer”

Both were superb beers and merit mentioning in this all-important blog segment. 🙂


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  1. hinsone / Dec 18 2012 6:51 AM

    I love Foothills, and I’ve seen Duck Rabbit but haven’t tried it yet. I had to google Olde Hickory and now I’m very intrigued. They have several that I’d like to try, so I’ll have to look for them next time I’m at Total Wine. Nice job on the running, and you’ve got such a base built up I’m sure you’ll do just fine with the mileage. Good luck at the 50K! Now you’ll be an “Ultimate, Marathoner, Ultrarunner”.

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