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January 24 2013 / Emily

Overdue Recap

I’ve been quite slack with my weekly recaps lately.  It’s because I’m not happy with what I’ve been doing – well more specifically, I’m not happy with what I’ve not been doing.  The holidays, the cold, and the dark have led to the laziness.  Oh and then I added some minimal shoes that gave me the excuse “well I can’t run too far yet in these shoes!” which is rather convenient.

Also, the best eat, best nap, best drink… part of me thinks that feature is a little tired, but I’ll continue with it… once I get back to actual weekly posts.  I can’t think of the best thing I’ve eaten in the past 3-4 weeks.  Hm.  Surely there are weeks that just haven’t been recapped, but I’ll start with the week of the 50k then go from there.


12/31 – 1/6
Monday – zero
Tuesday – zero
Wednesday – 4 miles
Thursday – zero
Friday – 3.1 miles
Saturday – Frosty 50k
Sunday – zero miles; arm weights
Total = 38.1 miles; 1 non-run workout

As you may recall from my 2012 recap post, I’ve decided to commit to doing two non-running workouts per week.  I really need to work on strength and toning and using muscles besides those in my legs.  This first week was a bust, but I rationalized by saying I didn’t want to overdo it on abs or something in the days before my longest run ever.  Fair excuse I thought.

Monday – zero
Tuesday – zero
Wednesday – 4 miles; ab workout
Thursday – zero
Friday – zero
Saturday – zero
Sunday – 6 miles; yoga
Total = 10 miles; 2 non-run workouts

This week I did get my extra workouts in, but barely ran at all.  Also I felt weird calling the yoga a workout, but will admit I could feel some of the moves the next day in those wee muscles between the ribs.  Plus I fully know I don’t stretch enough, and the idea is wellness, strength and toning.  Yoga counts.  As for the minimal mileage, most people with any sense would be like “yeah! but you just ran a 50k” but frankly my legs felt fine, and I took the excuse.  Jeez there are a lot of excuses so far this post.  Such is my life.  I also went to the zoo with my parents on Saturday and we did a bit of walking there.  I referred to this mentally as “an Undeserved Recovery Week.”

Monday – zero
Tuesday – 6 miles
Wednesday – arm weights
Thursday – 6 miles
Friday – zero (snow!)
Saturday – 14 miles
Sunday – 8 miles; core workout
Total = 34 miles; two non-run workouts

Getting a little better here, but still not where I need to be.  (spoiler alert for next week’s version of this post – current week isn’t better either!)  My core workout on Sunday was intense.  I didn’t think it was, until I got to the plank segment at the end.  How does 5 reps of 10 seconds of plank – yes that is 50 seconds total – get my heart beating harder than it did during a whole damn 31 mile race?  Gracious I am weak.  But I need to get better, and it takes work.  And I definitely felt it all throughout the ol’ body on Monday and Tuesday.


Not going to go through best and worst meals, but I have been quite disciplined in bringing my lunch to work so far this year.  The standard is: turkey wrap or sandwich, baby carrots, Greek yogurt, Granny Smith apple, Diet Mountain Dew.  When I made the big pot of white bean chicken chili a couple weeks ago, I was eating that for dinner nearly every night, and having that same lunch every day.  Weekday breakfasts are all also the same (big bowl of Cheerios and Wheat Chex mixed together with raisins; mug of tea) so I was eating the exact same meals all day every day for too many days in a row.  I have a pretty good tolerance for food repetition – living alone has definitely led to that – but it was getting so incredibly dull.  I was so glad to finish the chili and the package of turkey lunchmeat.  Oh and I ran out of tortillas so I had one of the sandwiches on sliced bread instead.  So exciting…

Anyway, this whole bringing my lunch thing is twofold to save money and calories.  I was getting into the habit of going out for lunch 2-3 times a week, and it was $7-9 per meal most times.  I’d be going places like Moe’s Southwest Grill (quesadilla, chips, queso dip) and Penn Station Subs (8 inch sub, french fries) where the meals weren’t exactly healthy either.  Delicious of course, but not healthy.  I think I’ll still “allow” myself one lunch out per week, but if I actually make my lunch each day, even better.  I am meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow and believe that will be my first lunch out during the week in 2013.

Plus, I have a lot of evening activities at bars and restaurants, so I’m having the chance to dine out now and then.  It does seem like I’ve lost a couple pounds since the holidays, which is encouraging.


I love napping.  Just think that’s relevant.  The last nap I can think of was Monday and that day isn’t included in these recaps.  I encourage naps for everyone!


So many new beers.  All the time.  I was chatting with a friend recently, and he was choosing between some familiar beers on a menu while I was trying to find ones I’d never seen before.  I start to lose track!  Don’t get me wrong, I have favorites that I like to go back to, and I often purchase cans and bottles of beer I already know I enjoy, for drinking at home.  But when I’m out and about, it’s nice to try something new.  Can’t find a new favorite if you never try something different!  As for buying 6-packs, I’ve had a few instances of purchasing something and discovering I don’t like it.  Then it just sits in my fridge for a long time.  I either force myself to drink it, or it languishes there and prevents me from buying more beer, because hey, there are still 5 of that other bottle in the fridge.  If I’m lucky, I can find someone who does enjoy it and share.

Over the weekend, the guy in my apartment building who controls the heat for all of us (yes that’s a thing) had it turned up to almost 80 degrees.  It’s usually 68-72.  I was so hot, that I needed a nice warm weather drink, and I made myself a vodka tonic.  So refreshing, and so incongruous with the cold weather.

I also want to highlight the Troeg’s Mad Elf beer I drank a couple weeks ago.  My brother-in-law gave me a bottle at Thanksgiving and I didn’t allow myself to drink it until it would be the featured beer of the week here… and then you notice my posting went kaput.  Mad Elf is a holiday seasonal, a high-gravity ale (11% abv) brewed with honey and cherries.  It was very smooth for such a high alcohol content, and was quite nice.  Thanks to the bro-in-law for sharing.  I don’t know if this would be available for purchase anywhere near me here in NC, so getting it from the source (well they live like 30 minutes from the brewery; remember my trip up there?) was perfect.

Mad Elf

Anyway, thanks for sticking with my blog even when I’m out of my weekly recap routine.



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  1. Cindy Barbour / Jan 24 2013 3:40 PM

    I have good news and bad news for you 🙂 Good news: Total Wine and BestWay Grocery here in Greensboro let you buy single beers and they have great selections! I highly recommend it. The BlueLiners run from Spencer Love Tennis Center on the Greenway every Saturday morning at 7:30 so you could run any distance, and any pace,(out and back) from 4-16 miles. There are somewhere between 10-40 people each week. Then you could pick up some beer on the way home!
    Bad news: You REALLY need to focus on your core work. I’ve been teaching for almost 30 years now and training for 26 years and the minimum recommendation for holding a plank for good core stability is between 1-1:30 minutes. Keep the core work up. You will be surprised how much your running will improve with a strong core. Also….keep up the yoga. I teach it only once and week and it is definitely not enough. Yoga has helped open up my stride and more importantly, helps my legs recover from my runs. I ran Frosty 50k 4 years ago and it was really cold. I did a 4:02 and I know it’s because of my strong core. I haven’t been back even though Salem Lake is one of my favorite places to run. You can do it! Good luck- email or go to my website if you have questions. I’m always helping out fellow runners because there is so much misinformation out there!

    • Emily / Jan 28 2013 12:51 PM

      Thanks for all the information! We have a Total Wine in Winston that also sells individual bottles, as well as a local shop, City Beverage (that I can walk to!) which does as well. I should certainly check more of those out.

      Good tip with that running group. It’s always nice to have some company on the run, and perhaps some new areas to explore as well since I never run in Greensboro.

      More core work is definitely in the cards. I’ve gotten stronger than I was a few years ago when running long distances hurt my back more than anything, but I got out of the habit. Not sure I’ll be getting into yoga multiple times a week, but something is better than nothing. I’m sure the practice will be more beneficial when I know what I’m doing instead of watching the video instructor and trying to figure out what the heck she is doing, and right when I figure it out, the pose is over.

  2. Kim / Jan 24 2013 5:57 PM

    I’m scared of trying to get my core back in shape after this pregnancy. Right now when I try and do planks they kick my butt! I personally love yoga as a non-running workout and some yoga classes can really work your muscles

    • Emily / Jan 28 2013 12:46 PM

      well you’ve got a lot of extra weight around your midsection to hold up. I’m sure you’ll pull it all back together after baby! Soon you’ll be able to “plank” and just rest on your tummy… haha. Not good for baby, but easy for balance! I’ll have to give yoga more chances.

      • Emily / Jan 29 2013 2:55 PM

        I just looked back at this – sorry if that sounded rude saying “a lot of extra weight.” Quite likely you haven’t gained a lot, but I was just thinking of the position of baby. I didn’t mean to sound rude.

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