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January 29 2013 / Emily

Weekly Recap: Tempting Excuses


Monday – zero
Tuesday – zero
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – zero
Friday – 5 miles
Saturday – 10 miles; core work
Sunday – 18 miles; arm weights
Total = 38 miles; 2 non-run workouts

I was having some weird hamstring pain early in the week, so I took that plus the dropping temperatures as an excuse to rest my legs on Monday and Tuesday.  Temperatures were extra cold last week, with morning temps just peeking above 20 degrees on Wednesday and Friday.  It was very tempting to use that as an excuse to stay in my nice warm bed, but I was stronger than that and made it out both mornings.  Even took some lessons from myself and dressed far more appropriately on Friday morning.

We had an ice storm on Friday afternoon, so I waited until there was time for things to melt on Saturday, as temps climbed to around 40.  I hit one slushy spot and almost wiped out on the sidewalk, but I fought for and maintained my balance.  Stepped into the grass when I was concerned from then on!  Sunday for my long miles I headed to Salem Lake in the morning where the water was frozen in places.  Fun to watch the ducks navigate throughout, and to watch the ice melt some in the nearly 3 hours I was out there.  It was a good weekend of mileage to bring up a half-assed week.

I repeated the core workout I had done the previous week on Saturday, and felt a bit stronger in the plank section, which was nice.  Really need to continue focusing on my weak core.  I realized on Sunday night around 10:30p, when I was getting home from an evening with a friend, that I hadn’t done my second non-run of the week, so it was time for biceps and triceps.

Challenge for this current week 1/28: work the core some every day!


Best Eat of the Week: I mean, I’m sure I ate something tasty last week but mostly it was just another week of homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For my 18 miler on Sunday, I used my last slice of loaf bread from when my parents were here a couple weeks ago, and made some little peanut butter sandwich slivers.  Ate a couple of those after my first hour for fuel.  Worked out pretty well, so I guess my experience at Frosty 50 with pb & bread was not an aberration.  I’ll consider getting loaf bread again, instead of the tortillas and Flat Out Wraps I usually have my sandwiches on, for this purpose.

Worst Eat of the Week: I was craving chocolate chip cookies for a week or so, when I finally caved and bought a package at the grocery.  Pepperidge Farm soft baked chocolate chunk.  Obviously not as good as my mom makes, but I guess it satisfied the craving.  Mostly I’m just guilty about it and not sure what to do with the remainder of the cookies in the pouch!


Ah, the day of naps.  Friday my office closed early for safety on the roads as the ice was coming.  I was home a little after noontime, had lunch, and fell asleep on the couch for at least an hour.  But that’s not all… I napped at least twice more that day, as I was just home watching TV and movies on the couch.  I’m terrible about staying awake if I’ve got a couch and a blanket.  Then I even slept until almost 11am on Saturday.  Must have really needed that rest!


Have I ever even had a non-alcoholic drink of the week?  I think chocolate milk may have made it once.  This week’s drink goes to orange juice + tonic water.  This is something my dad likes to drink after his runs.  I had picked up a bottle of OJ when my folks were in town a couple weeks back, so it was still sitting in my fridge.  I never keep juice around.  Decided to refuel with that instead of some Gatorade when I finished Saturday’s 10.  (Yes I realize 10 miles doesn’t really call for refueling.)  It was quite refreshing!  I was also amazed that the tonic water still had some fizz to it.  I mentioned it with my vodka tonic last week, but that bottle has been open and untouched for a few months probably.

orange juce and tonic



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  1. laurenquartz / Jan 30 2013 9:31 AM

    Sounds like a pretty good week all in all. Nice job getting your non-running workouts in! I am also a huge proponent of OJ mixed with sparkling beverages as a great post-run refueling. And yes, even if you run 10 miles (or less!) you still need to re-fuel. 😉

    • Emily / Feb 2 2013 3:14 PM

      thanks! I’ve been trying to be diligent. I should have logged a couple minutes of running around your living room on my toes. 😉 As for the refueling, I guess it’s not a problem to have something, but often I feel like beginner exercisers especially are like “yeah I ran for 2 miles, I can have a huge bottle of gatorade!” and just cancel out their caloric burn.

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