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January 30 2013 / Emily

Winter in North Carolina

Ah, winter in North Carolina.

Last week, the temperature during my morning runs was about 21 degrees on Wednesday and Friday.  Today it was about 64 degrees.

On Wednesday I did not dress appropriately on my bottom half and my behind and back of my thighs were totally numb.  My ankle length running tights are a bit loose in the waist, but I always forget this since I rarely need to wear them.  So I was needing to hoist them back up throughout the run, but by the end I wasn’t even sure if I was touching my skin or my pants or perhaps just a nearby person because heck if I had any feeling left.  I was just pulling on whatever was there.  I could have had my bottom hanging out for all I knew.  One thin layer of poly blend is just not enough!  When I got home, I had to sit on the radiator for a while to get feeling back.

So on Friday, I opted to wear knee length capris under my long pants with a drawstring.  This worked so much better and I didn’t lose feeling!  Hooray!  I was, however, quite amused by the ultimate quantity of what I wore.  Sports bra, base tank, long sleeve, mock neck long sleeve, undies, capris, pants, gloves, earband, socks & shoes. In the summer, this much fabric could be made into a week’s worth of running clothing!


so many brand names

Then, after all that cold weather, temperatures reached 70 degrees today.  It was about 64 on my run this morning, and I wore shorts and short sleeves.  It felt very light and freeing, but the heavy humidity that came along with it was stifling.  In the summer I’d love it, but right now it felt just so thick.   I guess I’m just never satisfied!  I’m in luck though, storms are coming through and we’ll have cold weather again tomorrow.

What is your ideal running weather?

I think I’d choose sunny, dry and 40-50 degrees.  Thinking of the two extreme (for NC winter!) temperatures mentioned above, I’d probably choose the 21° over the 64°, and I would just buy some lined tights with a drawstring if I was going to face it often.

What makes up your essential winter running gear?  What kind of temperatures are you dealing with this winter?  I know my Canadian readers (hi Mary @ Running In Transit has just made a post about winter running gear) are probably laughing at my 21°F being oh-so-cold.



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  1. Darrel Wells / Jan 31 2013 8:19 AM

    These temperatures swings have made it hard to figure out clothing choices for me, too.

    My favorite conditions for running would have to be dark(!), low humidity, and about 52F. Second favorite would be be drizzly and grey on a nice trail in the woods, about the same temp.

    I got a couple of half-zip LS shirts this winter that really help to regulate my temp as I warm up.


    • Emily / Feb 2 2013 3:11 PM

      I’ve got some partial zip tops too, definitely helpful. Can’t say I’d choose running in the dark! Sometimes a nice drizzy run is definitely refreshing.

  2. Mary / Jan 31 2013 8:54 AM

    Don’t worry, I didn’t laugh! 🙂 I still have trouble tolerating the cold Canadian winters myself and I’ve lived here all my life – that’s why getting my winter running gear down to a science has been key!

    • Emily / Feb 2 2013 3:12 PM

      Well good! I was feeling a little silly, but I guess it is all what one is used to and prepared for. Glad you’ve gotten your gear figured out. 🙂

  3. Kenley / Mar 1 2013 3:27 PM

    Here in PA its not too bad but I prefer in the 50s. I despise cold weather though.

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