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February 04 2013 / Emily

Super Recap


Monday – 35 minutes “yoga for runners”
Tuesday – 6 miles; core workout
Wednesday – 8 miles; core workout
Thursday – 100 crunches
Friday – 5 miles; 100 crunches
Saturday – 5k race; 100 crunches
Sunday – 16 miles; 100 crunches
Total = 38 miles; 7 non-run workouts

I challenged myself to core/ab workouts every day last week, and I was successful.  I’ll totally admit that at least a few of the batches of crunches came at like 11pm or later.  Saturday night at a friend’s house we were crafting and drinking wine, noticed it was 11:30pm and I hadn’t done core that day.  So I plopped down on her slate kitchen floor and crunched away.  Sunday night was post-Super Bowl and I was in my pajamas.  It is kind of nice to be able to complete a “workout” in like 5 minutes without sweating or changing, and just pop back up, back to your glass of red.  I’m not necessarily going to continue the daily challenge, but I do need more of this.

As for running, it was a weird week.  I was all ready to be diligent and pile on the miles, but it didn’t really happen.  Monday I rested after 10 and 18 the prior weekend.  Tuesday and Wednesday were alright, then I rested again Thursday with some knee pain that had been bothering me since Saturday.  Friday I took it easier than I should have in anticipation of Saturday’s 5k.  I will post a full recap on that, hopefully tomorrow, but it went very well.  Had sort of planned for 8-10 more miles that afternoon, but we got back from Charlotte later than I thought and I had to make an afternoon appointment for some technical difficulties I’d been dealing with.  Sunday brought an okay amount of miles, but not enough to make up the week.

One thing I’m noticing today – my quads are pretty sore.  I think it’s from pushing hard in the 5k on Saturday.  I haven’t really run that fast in quite some time, and I’m feeling it.  Weird that such a short run could have that effect!  Maybe the longer miles Sunday compounded it.


This week was full of eats.  Monday I broke my streak of not going out to lunch, and got a big burrito at Moe’s.  Delicious but a calorie bomb!  I hadn’t prepared a lunch because I thought I was going out with a friend-coworker, but we had to push that to Friday.  Then we went out for sushi which was brilliant.  I haven’t had sushi in a while so it was nice to eat from a different flavor profile.  Then Saturday and Sunday were train wrecks.

Saturday I met some friends at Foothills for some beer and we got a couple appetizers to split: fried pickles, cheese dip, guacamole, spinach & artichoke dip.  Then I went on to a friend’s house (aforementioned in the abs section) and we had wine and more snacks.  Sunday was, of course, the Super Bowl.  That came with all the requisite junk food.  I think I need a detox.


Honesty time – I napped through the apparently exciting ending to the Super Bowl.  Whoops.


Oh it’s that time of year again… Sexual Chocolate.  The amazing chocolate imperial stout Foothills makes once a year as their February seasonal.  That was the purpose of my trip to the pub on Saturday night.

If you like great beer, I hope you can have some of this.  People travel from all around for the one-time bottle release.  Since I live so close to the pub, I don’t need to mess with camping out overnight for the bottles, and can instead just get this sweet nectar by the glass whenever I drop in this month.  They do have some available in other bars across the state, and perhaps in nearby states as well.

Many things are not, but I definitely think Sexual Chocolate is worth the hype.

too good to stop for photos

too good to stop for photos


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