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February 11 2013 / Emily

Finally a No-Shame Recap


Monday – 4.2 miles; strength & flexibility work
Tuesday – 8 miles (Ultimate Runner events)
Wednesday – 4.44 miles; lunges
Thursday – 6.06 miles
Friday – rest
Saturday – 22 miles (morning), 11 miles (afternoon/evening pub run)
Sunday – rest
Total = 55.7 miles;  2 non-run workouts

As the post title says – finally a week of mileage I don’t need to be ashamed of.  I actually got some decent mileage in this week, although I should have worked to round off the numbers a bit better.  Much of what happened over last week deserves multiple additional blog posts.  But I’ll just share now that the 4.44 miles is an homage to the next ultra-marathon on my list, and the pub run was a raucous good time.

I was able to get run time with a lot of different friends, old and new, over the week.  Only Wednesday and Thursday were solo runs, so it’s quite a treat to have company that often!  My non-run workouts suffered compared to the week of abs and core though.  Saturday’s combined 33 miles was intense.


Pancakes.  That was supposed to be my best eat of the week.  The Kiwanis club or lodge or whatever they are have an annual pancake jamboree, and it was held on Friday.  I absolutely love pancakes.  Breakfast food in general, but especially pancakes and syrup.  I rustled up a few friends to go with me for Friday dinner and was looking forward to it all day.  Only $6 for all you can eat pancakes!  I think it even comes with sausage too.  Then I get there, do an incredible job parallel parking my car, only to find a text message from my friends that the line is too long and they were heading to a nearby breakfast-all-day restaurant.  I’m sure I could have gotten pancakes there but I was a bit frustrated and decided to just go home and make my own darn pancakes.

I opened my box of mix and whipped it all together.  Seemed too runny, maybe I over-stirred it.  I never trust “batter should still be lumpy,” it just seems like a trick.  So anyway I had a lot of thin flat pancakes.  Discovered I was low on maple syrup (got to have the real stuff!) and so I couldn’t just pour it all over like I would at a restaurant.  You know how expensive syrup is?  I swear it’s like $8 for 8 ounces.  Maybe I’m too frugal.  Anyway, the pancakes were almost certainly less delicious than I would have gotten at the Pancake Jamboree, but it filled the need.  And I instagrammed my meal anyway.

it was still all I could eat

it was still all I could eat


I don’t even think I napped.  Shame on me.  I did plenty of running, eating and drinking though… hopefully that makes up for it.


Time for another super-hyped beer: Bell’s Hopslam Ale.  Local Irish pub Finnigan’s Wake was touting the tapping of their Hopslam keg all week.  Said it would go fast and all that.  Bell’s is a brewery out of Michigan, so the limited time beer is truly limited here, unlike locally made and super-hyped (not to be confused with super-hopped) Foothills Sexual Chocolate, which I mentioned in this segment last week.  I figured I wouldn’t be able to get any Hopslam since I had rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon until 8pm, and the keg was being tapped at 6pm.  But I texted some friends who were at Finnigan’s and found there was still some left at 8pm!  Another friend joined us around 8:40pm and he got the end of it – not even a full glass.

Hopslam is a 10% abv beer with – predictably – all kinds of hops.  I found it quite tasty and worth trying, if not just to see what the talk was all about.  However, it’s definitely not a beer I’d go far out of my way for.  Perhaps my palate is just not sophisticated enough to appreciate the complexity of the hops, but it seemed like just a solid standard beer, not earth-shattering.  And it was $8 for the small glass.

a glass of Hopslam

a glass of Hopslam


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