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May 21 2013 / Emily

Going from Zero to Fifty

Vroom vroom.  How fast can I go from zero to fifty?  Hopefully six months is enough time.

Over the weekend I was chatting with a friend about the fifty mile race he recently signed up for.  JFK 50 Mile, the big one.  He was surprised he was able to register – that it wasn’t full yet – and I decided to pull up the website then and there.  It still didn’t say it was full yet.  Hmmm.  Now, three days later, I’ve decided to try for it.

Fifty Miles.

I printed out the registration form, filled it out, printed out proof of time from my best marathon (Ridge to Bridge 2012), made up a self addressed stamped envelope and wrote a whopping $200 check.  Slapped all that into another envelope and walked it out to the office park’s mailbox before today’s final pick-up.  Pretty sure this is the first paper entry form I’ve ever filled out for a run, unless it was race-day registration.

Anyway, now I wait to find out if I’m in.

This big thing will be (needs to be) the kick in the shorts-liner I need to get back into the running routine.  4 miles a week obviously isn’t going to cut it.  First up is Ultimate Runner at the end of June, so I’ll start with shorter distances and speed, then after Ultimate I can start gearing up the time and distance, if I get into JFK.

People sometimes ask me why I run.  My half-joke response was often “because I have nothing else to do,” and it seems that has really become true over the past couple months.  Sure, I haven’t made it a priority, and I certainly did have time, but running just wasn’t appealing.  Friends suggested either enjoying the time away, or signing up for a race to kick myself back into gear.  I was like “well I am signed up for a race” but Ultimate Runner doesn’t force me into the training commitment this ultra would provide.  Fingers crossed.

The idea of this 50 mile race is exciting in a wide-eyed, slightly crazy sort of way; the way I think I’d feel if I was about to eat a massive ice cream sundae (or gelato – see below).  Too much of a good thing?  It seems impossible for there to be too much, then there totally is, and it hurts.

Here’s hoping it hurts so good.  I didn’t finish that gelato, by the way.

Gelato Sundae at Giolitti in Rome; October 2010

Gelato Sundae at Giolitti in Rome; October 2010



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  1. Darrel Wells / May 21 2013 2:42 PM

    W O W !! Big commitment, Emily! I hope you get in! I’ve had the JFK 50 in the back of my mind for a while, but haven’t seriously considered it. This should certainly put a bee up… Ummm, a spark in your training!

    I LOVE the picture at Giolitti! I’ve travelled to Italy a few times and I really like it.


    • Emily / May 22 2013 9:16 AM

      Thanks Darrel! I’m hoping to get in too. This waiting game will be tough. Haha, I do think this will give me a bee or two, to amp up my training.

      A friend of mine is in Rome right now and I made sure to send him to Giolitti. I went there at least three times during my week in Rome!

  2. aregularcupofjo / May 21 2013 4:02 PM

    The picture looks delicious, where did you find that. The only place near me that does ice cream like that is Serendipity. Congrats on your challenge. I just started running and it has really helped motivate me and keep my going. Seeing your goal inspires me even more to push myself 🙂 Best of luck with everything.

    • Emily / May 22 2013 9:20 AM

      thank you! that sundae is from a gelato shop in Rome. I visited there a few years ago. Good luck with your running!

  3. Paul Starling / May 21 2013 9:21 PM

    Good luck Emily! Nathan and I will be running our first official 50 miler on June 8th. You’ve got plenty of time to get ready. You’ve just got to make the necessary training a priority. If you do that, you will be successful!

    • Emily / May 22 2013 9:21 AM

      Thanks Paul! right now it definitely feels like there is plenty of time but I am sure November will be here before I know it. Good luck with your 50 miler, I’ll make sure to look for your reports on facebook!

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