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January 05 2014 / Emily

2013 Annual Recap

Another year of running has come and gone.  2013 was an odd running year for me.  I ran my longest distances ever but didn’t log nearly as many training miles as I should have.  I failed to meet my overall mileage goal by a long shot but it doesn’t really bother me.  Part way through the year I knew I’d missed my opportunity to reach the goal mileage, so that went out the window.

I ended up running only 1036 miles against my goal of 1500 miles.  In 2012, I ran 1313 miles so 1500 seemed reasonable, but it doesn’t really work when I shirk running distance of any sort for months at a time.  I also discovered when I looked back at my 2012 recap post, that I’d resolved to do two non-running exercises per week, which I certainly did not stick to.  I actually was just thinking the other day that doing something like that would be good for 2014.  Guess I should write the goals somewhere visible and not just hidden in the depths of my blog, at least if I intend to keep them.

January 134
February 145
March 57
April 53
May 38
June 75
July 70
August 163
September 81
October 115
November 82
December 23

Gosh.  Though I’d given up on the mileage goal, seeing my monthly tallies actually typed out is sad.  I’m rather embarrassed in how little I ran from March to July.  However, somehow, I also had my highest month ever with 163 miles in August.  That is thanks in major part to my increased involvement this year in the Twin City Track Club.  I was running with them often on Mondays and Wednesdays about 5 miles each, then the club started “Thursdays at the Lake” which was a group 7 mile run on (surprise!) Thursdays in August.  My other weekly commitments on Mondays and Wednesdays started back up once summer ended, so I really missed the chance for those 17 mid-week miles with friends.  Having a group to run with makes things so much easier.

I ran 13 races in 2013.  This included my first 50 kilometer race, first 50 mile race, and first “Did Not Start” race.

five 5ks
one 15k
two 10 milers
two marathons
one 50k
one 50 miler
& one Ultimate Runner (5-event track meet – 1mi, 400m, 800m, 100m, 5k XC)

I got automatic PRs in the 50k and 50M due to those being first-and-only distances so far.  I also PRed the 100 meter, 400 meter, 1 mile, 5k, 15k and 10 mile.  So basically the only races I ran in 2013 but didn’t PR were the 800 meter and marathon.  Not bad looking back at it!

Running at least one race a month means that streak continues to 58 consecutive months.  The expensive hobby cost me $548 in race fees in 2013, relatively low for me even with the $200 price tag on JFK 50!  No new states this year.  Most of my racing was in North Carolina, with one race in each Maryland, D.C. and Rhode Island.

I guess the biggest personal change for 2013 was buying a house.  My race bibs and medals were the first thing I packed when I was getting ready to move out of my apartment, and they are still in their box.  I’m not particularly motivated enough to pull out the 2013 bibs and medals so I’ll just share some instagram snapshots from the year, some from races I still never got around to blogging:

frosty 50 finisher

happy after finishing my first 50k

uncc 49ers 5k finish

won my age group at a 5k in February

tar heel 10 miler

enjoyed a 10 miler in April with my friend Brooks

running medals packed

packed away my running things in preparation for my move

block island finsh photo

enjoying the harbor background after my Rhode Island race

dirty legs training run

drity legs after a training run in fall

triad 10 miler

quite a large finisher medal for a 10 miler!

greensboro marathon

Greensboro Marathon was a great race for a training run

jfk 50 finisher

a part of me still can’t believe I actually did 50 miles

rosy cheeks finisher

won my age group in a December 5k to finish the year on a spirited high note!

and I can’t forget eat, nap, drink!

grilled cheese

eat: grilled cheese!

no bananas

don’t eat: bananas… the grocery store ran out one fateful evening

fry nap

nap: cat nap by my older cat Fry

leela nap

nap: cat nap by my new kitten Leela

tctc pub run

drink… during a run! fun at the track club pub run

I hope you all had a lovely 2013 and that your 2014 is better than ever.  I’m not going to make any mileage goals yet, but after a few longer races to start the year I want to prioritize speed.  I’ll be turning 30 this fall, which moves me up into a much tougher age bracket for races.  I would love to get into the 22’s for my 5k time, and maybe get some more age group wins while I’m still 29.  I went through some tough periods in 2013 regarding interest in running, so hopefully a continued involvement with my running club will keep me excited about training.

And I would be remiss not to thank my little group of followers for taking your time to read my sporadic posts. Here’s to another mile and another drink!


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