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February 18 2014 / Emily

Gear Review: Fabletics

A little while back, some very well-targeted banner ads finally convinced me to give Fabletics a try.

What is Fabletics?  It is a neat athletic wear company for women.

I was very excited to take advantage of the new member offer, of a full outfit for only $25!   I chose the “Capable” outfit consisting of the Desio top and the Lima capri pant.  I chose the top in small and the pants in medium.

A couple weeks later, I got a package containing my new running gear.  Always exciting!

Hooray for new running clothes!

Hooray for new running clothes!

I found the top was a bit thinner fabric than I expected but very stretchy and comfortable.  The capri pants are great and I’ve worn them a lot, though the addition of a drawstring would make them really top- notch.

In my new house I don’t have a floor length mirror so it was over Christmas when I asked my Dad to snap a couple (awkward, though that part wasn’t by request, just hard to avoid) photos of me in the outfit to share for the blog.

1-fabletics capable outfit 2-001

front view

1-fabletics capable outfit 4-001

back view to show length of shirt

As you can see, the shirt is a bit snug, showing some tummy bulge at the pant waistline, but nothing too bad.  I actually think it is pretty flattering after I got over some linebacker shoulders.  And while it is one of the cuter running tops I have, it is also very functional.  I’ve worn a few times in appropriate weather and it wicks well and is comfortable to run in.  The pants are also very good, and I’ve worn them even more.

So the idea of Fabletics is after the new member discounted $25 outfit, which this gear above was absolutely worth and then some, each month there are other outfits of 2-3 pieces (sometimes including sports bra, head band or arm warmers as an additional piece to a top and bottoms) available at a discounted price, starting at $50.  You do have to opt out of the charge each month if you do not want to purchase clothing that month.  Unlike some monthly clothing websites I’ve heard about, they don’t ship anything you have to return; if you miss the opt-out date I think they charge your card then you have the credit waiting.

I haven’t bought any more outfits, partially due to depleted available sizes, and partly because I don’t really need more running clothes.  For $25 I definitely found this first outfit worthwhile though and if I get a little more expendable income I may check into some warmer weather gear!  I’m extremely pleased with the quality for the price.

If you are interested in giving it a try, please use my referral link below.  I’ll get some credits towards some more clothing for myself!  It is attractive, functional workout gear at a great introductory price.  I’m not getting sponsored for this or anything, just trying to share the news and maybe earn myself some credits at the same time.  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. laurenquartz / Feb 19 2014 8:55 AM

    You look super cute in that outfit, Em! I was thinking how flattering it is – not awkward. 🙂 Glad it’s working well for you too! Win win!

    • Emily / Feb 20 2014 1:45 PM

      thanks Lauren! I guess I was thinking back to the taking of the photo where I was thinking about holding my shoulders back, where to rest my arms, etc. I’m not usually a model. 😉

  2. smallfryesguest / Feb 20 2014 11:21 AM

    Agreed with lauren- Not awkward at all- the outfit looks “fab”! ha! I just ordered one outfit too! I have been looking for a new sports bra, so what better way than to get a great deal on an outfit and give you points too!! Thanks for the suggestion! – dana

    • Emily / Feb 20 2014 1:46 PM

      haha – thanks Dana! I hope you like what you ordered! I need to get some new sports bras too. Let me know how you like yours and I might have to try these out too. I’m less likely to buy a sports bra without trying it on first but I’ve got some credit points coming thanks to you so it may well be worth it!

  3. ardeetz / Mar 6 2014 11:30 AM

    the outfit is cute! I actually like your top, it sort of has the lulu type top fit. I’m glad I found your blog to review Fabletics, because I am hearing mixed reviews, on the material..and the poor customer service, I was wondering if you had any other problems?

    • Emily / Mar 7 2014 7:26 PM

      thank you! I agree it seems similar to lulu stuff without the price tag. As for the quality, I’m still happy with the pants, but I have gotten a rough spot/wear patch on the shirt. It is from wearing a running vest on top with an interior pocket where a velcro tab rubbed against the shirt. It’s noticeable but doesn’t make it unwearable or anything. as for the service, I haven’t needed to call them but once I found items I liked with my size in stock, I had no problems. It does seem like they are having trouble keeping things in stock. I think it is worth trying for the $25 outfit if nothing else! Good luck!

  4. Kriss / Mar 31 2014 8:52 PM

    Great picks! Definitely hope you decide to order more and would love to hear your thoughts on other items. I hope you dont mind this, but I posted a link to your review on this Fabletics Reviews Facebook page here:

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