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March 05 2015 / Emily


Cancelled.  The Umstead Trail Marathon has been cancelled.  We found out on Monday that the marathon scheduled for Saturday March 7 would not be held.  With late winter snows and lots of rain this week, the park would simply be in no condition to absorb a marathon.

Which Umstead mascot will join my pint glass collection?

Which Umstead mascot will join my pint glass collection?

This was to be my fourth consecutive year running Umstead.  When all is said and done, I’ll still receive my shirt and “finisher” pint glass.  Given the circumstances, I think I will still feel okay about wearing the shirt and drinking from the glass.  Wonder what the mascot will be this year?  Anthony over at Running Down has some commentary on that, as he does every year.

I maybe sort of failed to blog about most of my 2014 races, so I don’t have any links for the Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar year, but I did run in 2012 (link) and 2013 (link) in case you’d like to read up on it.  The first year I ran a 4:56, second year a 4:26 (wow, 30 minute drop!) and then third year was right back up to 4:56.  I wonder what 2015 would have been?  My training has been adequate but not superb.  It’s not a fast course, so I didn’t train for speed, like I would have for a PR attempt.

In 2014, the week after Umstead, I ran Lapper’s Delight.  It is a 24 hour event, mostly relay teams.  Cover a 1.5 mile loop as many  times as possible.  Via my association with downtown Winston-Salem’s Mellow Mushroom restaurant through their Tuesday run group Run Mellow, I was able to land a spot on a sponsored team.  Free race entry – how elite!  Each team can have up to six members, but we were a team of four.  It was a lot of fun, despite (or maybe because of) the mind-numbing repetition, lack of sleep and mud pits.  I did 28.5 miles for my portion of the team’s overall 102 miles.

Team Run Mellow 2014!

Team Run Mellow 2014!

When Run Mellow decided to sponsor a team again this year,  I was disappointed to find out that Lapper’s was on the same weekend as Umstead.  I ultimately opted to register for the marathon instead of the relay.  But fast forward about four months, and come Tuesday I was so pleased to discover there was still a spot available on the Run Mellow team.  Milena was the only  returning member, and when we’ve been running together, she had more than once expressed that she wished I could do Lapper’s as well.  I even considered heading out to the relay after my marathon for fun and maybe a few extra miles if they needed me.  I had this week set aside for a race, and am so lucky that I was able to shift over to join a Lapper’s Delight team.  And for free, no less!  Thank you Mellow Mushroom!  (and thanks in advance for the pizzas.)

Choosing a Plan B is tough.  I had a marathon on the mind.  Now, my springtime is getting booked up and I need to decide if and when I will run another marathon.  I’d been looking forward to fun on the trails, but had also told myself that after that, I’d look for a fast marathon, and maybe work toward a new PR.  At the moment, I’m not prepared speed-wise to attempt a PR, but maybe I could just add some speedwork to this endurance base and be there in April or May.  Haven’t started looking yet.

But in the meantime, this weekend will be special.  It will be my 100th lifetime race.  I ran my first race, a 5k, on May 3, 2008.  And starting in March 2009, with the Shamrock half marathon (my first), I’ve been running at least one race every month.

That brings me to 73 consecutive months of racing, assuming I make it out of bed on Saturday morning.  And 100 races.  Wow!

thirty-seven 5ks
six 10ks
fourteen half marathons
fifteen full marathons
one 50k
one 50 mile
and twenty-five other assorted distances.

It has been fun!  And some muddy trails and changed plans won’t take that away.  Here’s to the next hundred.



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  1. laurenquartz / Mar 5 2015 11:08 PM

    Wow! 100th race! That’s really amazing, Em. Congratulations! Sorry you’ll miss out on the marathon you’ve been training for, but glad you’ll have a fun event to participate in with friends instead! Enjoy yourself and your level of fitness which I’m sure will help you in Lapper’s Delight even if it’s not being put to the test in a marathon. Glad you blogged about this milestone! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Paul Starling / Mar 6 2015 6:53 AM

    Glad things worked out for you. Hope you have a great year of racing!

  3. Dawn Jameson Morgan / Mar 6 2015 9:49 AM

    Wow, that’s a lot of running & a lot of races! I admire your dedication! Very happy it has worked out for you to do the Lapper’s Delight. I’m looking forward to drier weather & Umstead no longer being a mud bog, so I can start some weekend trail walking there.

  4. Darrel Wells / Mar 6 2015 3:07 PM

    Too bad about Umstead, Emily! I’m sure it’s disappointing. Good luck at Lappper’s!

    Come on down to Wrightsville Beach Marathon in two weeks.

    And, congratulations on the most impressive race streak!


  5. smallfryesguest / Mar 11 2015 1:12 PM

    100 races! thats awesome! congrats. xoxo Dana/big

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